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  1. random lean issue

    Have you checked your TPS, ensuring it is set to factory specs when closed and when sweeping through its range of movement?
  2. SR S14 Gearbox Issues

    Btw the solid triangle piece in your pic looks like part of a selector fork. Generally the clips come out, gear changes start to crunch, if left as is eventually you break a selector fork.
  3. SR S14 Gearbox Issues

    Looks like a shifting insert. I didn't know Sr boxes had them, on rb boxes they come out during hard 3rd to 4th gear changes. See below for a pic of a shifting insert before it gets chewed by the gears.
  4. Power FC idle learn

    Yes. Datalogit or fc hako (that said I have not used fc hako. Is your iacv set correctly? I have found that hunting idle can be a timing issue that can be fixed by smoothing out the timing between the load cells accessed on idle. To test note down / take a photo of your settings and then try punching in 15 degrees across all cells accessed during the hunt to see if this helps.
  5. 10 years

    11+ years on this site. I remember also trawling an S13 site that had /members/Sayers/biscuit in the url, not sure if it had anything to do with ns.com.
  6. rip out the id2000's and replace with teaspoons
  7. Good idea. Also try an enema in your exhaust to clear the soot off the bumper.
  8. Knock Lights

    Scott - narrow bands have their place when tuning..... VN commodores and bagged VZ v6's for example Op i should have clarified that IMHO lights while tuning are great but I tune on the street with a screamer so knock detection (to me) is best done using my ears, the added bonus is the ear muffs block out engine / gate noise so by the time I am 60 I wont require hearing aids.... I will need them by 62.
  9. Hey guys, I am looking for a good quality yet relatively inexpensive lens around the 400mm range and have my eye on a Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L. Has anyone here used one before on a crop body 7d or similar? I know it doesnt have IS and is relatively slow but that is ok as any shots taken with this will be surfing, bif, aviation & the odd motor racing and all in good light at relatively fast shutter speeds. Another lens I would consider is the dust pump 100-400l but hate the idea of the push pull zoom. The versatility of the extra range is inviting, at the same time I have a 70-200 2.8 IS II and dont really think i would miss the 200 - 400 versatility. Any feedback is welcome. boli
  10. Knock Lights

    Do you already have a wideband? Do both units have outputs to allow for data logging? Being an s13 owner (fish ass) I prefer home made det cans with a wideband running into a data logger.
  11. ^ this. Another thing dont bother with high / low boost settings, set peak boost with ebc and control boost with right foot.
  12. Hey revhead as already posted tee into a line off the manifold and although people have stated to use the fpr line i would not and have always preferred a dedicated line to the fpr (either way if done correctly will be fine). Always put a small cable tie on as well to remove any chance of a line blowing off. Re off topic ecu, hand controllers are only good to act as additional gauges, serious tuning via hand controller is a chumps game. Whatever ecu you choose make sure it can connect to a laptop with the ability to log data. I have a powerfc with fc-logit but nistune or link/vipec if you are serious would be a better option imo, especially if considering flex fuel in future. Link + ethanol content sensor = porn. Lastly make sure any ecu fits inside the original ecu case to reduce pork hassles.
  13. This topic reminds me of why i love ns.com, all due respect but some people seem to have no idea. If you have no experience then dont reply, it is really that simple. Around 5 years ago pj made around 375kw on 25psi with a plain jane gt style / hks 3037s. That's not all that much boost and not far off 400. Never realised that only precision turbos made good power on low boost. /sarcasm And built motors only..... Red dragon? I better build my motor then considering it has been running up to 28psi for many, many years now. Op how are you tuning on the street ie are you datalogging with a wideband and some sort of knock detection? I would drop the gaps as previously posted and only run coppers, run a 7 heatrange on the boost you are talking about with premium 98 and a 6 on e85 as from my experience this is what works. Best advice is to take it to your tuner as they should not give you a car that blows out the spark and should fix it free of charge.
  14. Greens14, I have recently changed to e85 and had the same issue ie 3rd onwards resulted in misfire under WOT and full boost (22psi). Missfire was probably there in 2nd however I think lack of traction masked the issue Plugs were BKR7E gapped down to 0.635mm / 0.25", factory S13 coilpacks. Just now changed back to BKR6E (after reading alot of american tuners talking about ethanol running cooler and requiring a warmer plug than premium unleaded to reduce WOT breakup) and gapped down to 0.508mm / 0.20" and missfire issue is resolved. I've read small plug gaps can result in idle issues, etc, this did not occur for me. Tune is currently a work in progress but to give you and idea I'm running fairly rich ie 11.5 on a gas wideband / 0.78 lamda, now the missfire is fixed i'll aim for 12.5 gas afr / .85 lamda. Hope you figure it out.
  15. Maybe the previous owner meant to say 040, only about 10 bolts and you'll know for sure, either way I would not trust a pump that I wasn't sure of it model / history.