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  1. Hi Guys, My car was stolen in Canberra last night. I live in Sydney, its a NSW registration, my sister was borrowing it to visit our parents in Canberra this weekend. It was stolen from the car park at Fenner Hall on Northbourne. Its a black 180sx with Rego CVW28F Gunmetal Grey 17inch work CR KAI wheels. Standard front with aftermarket side skirts and rear bar. It's had a quick spray job so the paint is a bit crappy. There's a dent behind the passenger side door Cannon exhaust Redtop SR20det engine. Should be pretty easy to spot. Hopefully, one of you guys have seen it around civic. It had an alarm in it but it was playing up lately. It'll be a shame to see it cut up. I got the car from my parents as a university graduation gift 10 years ago and have kept it all this time. Please message me if you have any info. Cheers, Have a good weekend!
  2. Clutch Slave Cylinder Issues...

    I had the same problem when I put a new clutch into my 180sx. No matter how much I blend the system, the slave cylinder was barely moving. It was driving me crazy. It ended up being the damper. I removed it and bent the hard line back similar to http://garage.projectraine.com/content_guides/240_clutchdamper/clutchdamper.html Or you can get a new braided line straight from the master cylinder to the slave

    Hi Guys, Anyone got a spare 180sx red top SR20DET power steering pump for sale? Non HICAS. I just got back from overseas and trying to get my car rego'd again. The pump was leaking and found out the thread was stripped on the high pressure end. Cheers BTW, rear seat belts can be bought new from Auto One. I can dig up the part number if you want, around $80 a set
  4. Clutch issues

    My 180sx was having trouble getting into 1st and reverse too after a heavy duty clutch. I tool out the damper in the hydraulic system, like the link http://www.zeroyon.com/index/content/view/32/47/ Works really good now.
  5. ca18det to sr20det

    Worked for me with my SR conversion
  6. Same thing happened to me when I replaced the stock clutch with a heavy duty. I removed the damper by bending the solid line. The clutch works perfectly now
  7. Steering wheel shaking

    Do you have hub ring adaptors on the wheels? Most aftermarket wheels are oversized and require hub rings to fit properly. I had the same problem with a set of Work CR Kai wheels on my 180

    I use Rhino, its really good for curve surfaces such as composite/carbon fibre parts. Its got an addon called RhinoCAM which can toolpath 2D, 3D and 5 axis machining straight from the CAD file. Rhino's pretty hard to use tho, its popular with industrial designers because you can draw very complex shapes. Solidworks and Pro-E are easier to use but they are parametric based and in my experience the blends aren't as nice so the parts are more "blocky". Commercial licenses for Solidworks cost upwards of $20k so unless you can find a "special" license Probably best to start with Solidworks. Don't bother with AutoCAD, its so old fashion you'll think you're back in the 80's with dot-matrix printers
  9. Manual conversion

    The paper method works really well for the spigot bush. I did it a few months ago after I got grease everywhere. Just grab some shredded up paper from a paper shredder if you have one and dump it in water.
  10. what is this?

    Plugs into a terminal next to the oil filter.
  11. how to clean glass

    Good quality microfibre cloth and plain water
  12. What do you mean by relocating the power steering? Are you going to change to an electric pump? There's really no where else to put it and its already tucked away nicely next onto the engine
  13. Need advice

    You added 4L of oil... that heaps. Are you sure the sump isn't cracked? So its a 325i? My BMW takes 6.5 L and I barely need to top it up between oil changes (every 10,000k's). And the NRMA guy didn't check the oil? How lazy... The car should have a sensor to detected the low oil level so the engine management might have an interlock to prevent the car from starting when its extremely low. Can't say I've ever been stupid enough to try start the car without oil. You should definitely check for oil leaks, the oil level should never be that low
  14. aircon fuse keeps blowing?

    Probably the magnetic clutch coil on the AC compressor, mine was doing the same thing. Coil was stuffed and drawing too much current. Don't put a bigger fuse in, you'll melt the fusebox and might end up stuffing the power mirrors cos its on the same circuit. I don't think you can buy the coil separately from nissan, try to get one second hand and just replace it. If you replace the whole compressor, you'll need to refill the refrigerant
  15. What would you do in this situation?

    Your mechanic sounds like idiot, he either has no idea what he's doing or he's just ripping you off for some early christmas money. He's just pulling random bits off your engine and quoting to replace with new parts. At the very least you should get him to show you what's damaged and whats needed to be done before dropping 6k. If things seem dodgy just get your car towed out of there.
  16. changing a 200sx oil filter

    The oil filter is in an awful place, sandpaper will most likely end up in cut knuckles. Grab one of these oil filter tools http://www.autobarn.com.au/products/15/128/45807/ I think there's a few sizes, get the smallest one cos the SR filters are pretty small. Just hand tight the new filter on, don't use the tool or you'll wreck the filter. Oh and make sure you put fresh oil on the rubber seal so it seals properly
  17. Will this radiator fit?

    Why not just get an aftermarket alloy radiator, they're like 200 bucks for a cheapie. PS And you have a 98 model S13? Must be rare
  18. Custom Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

    Strength shouldn't be an issue as wheels are friction clamped to the hub so you shouldn't shear the holes in the spacer. Just have to make sure that there is some meat left under the nut after machining, which depends on the depth of the counterbore. You can always machine 1.5mm of both faces but thats twice the amount of work. Its a lot of effort + money to stop your wheels sticking out 3 mm.
  19. TA22 celica

    No crumple zone in those old celicas, its like driving a brick wall into something
  20. GAH! R33 GTR

    The police should buy this abomination and use it as a punishment... Anyone caught street racing is forced to drive it around everyday for a week.
  21. Front ball joints on a 180

    Its not hard but you need a tool to pop the old ball joint off (around 20 bucks) and a wheel alignment afterwards
  22. Shoei or Arai?

    I got a Shoei TZR cos i have a big head. Got it at the Helmet warehouse, they do pretty good deals.
  23. turbo>manifold gaskets!

    I did mine the other week, got a gasket from Nissan for around 40 bucks and the lock tabs for a couple of bucks more. You don't need to remove the turbo from the engine or the exhaust manifold from the head. I worked from above and removed the sorrounding hoses and pipes from the turbo (air intake, dump pipe, EGR, etc). Then angle grinded some 13mm spanners in half such that they were short enough to undo the manifold->turbo nuts. Lossened the turbo, wedged the old gasket out and wedged the new gasket in with the new locktabs. This method is a lot quicker and saves replacing the additional head->manifold gasket. Cut up a few of my knuckles but now my car is fast again
  24. I bought a set on my 180sx for CrkAI's at Tempe Tyres for like $20 bucks. The standard tyre shop didn't have any that fit. May as well get them to install it and get a wheel balance at the same time.
  25. Seats

    What about rails? Do S13 rails bolt onto S15 seats?