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  1. things that annoy you

    Getting calls from the deaf lottery saying we thank you for your generiousity in previous raffles, can we count on you again? f**k you! -Call me when Ive won! I'll contact you when I want to buy more tickets.
  2. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    I would have liked that episode to end slightly differently
  3. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    Hahaha Good to hear that the show was downloaded more than what was watched on foxtel. Melb took out top honors for most dl in oz.
  4. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    Giddy up! season 4 started last night.
  5. The Walking Dead

    Carl needs to die - very time he thinks hes all that and a bag of potato chips, he f**ks it up and almost gets chomped on.
  6. things that annoy you

    Shits me off when after putting fuel in, go to put air in tyres, put hose on, starts letting air out and doesn't inflate.
  7. Didn't get any lord blades in my sample. Looking into the bigger sample packs on eBay (with the Gillette, Big Ben, shark blades etc) just to try out differnt blades. Mine came with mekur, feather, persona, Astra & derby. Yet to try derby The $30/100 feather blades sounds good, makes it shitloads cheaper than the cartridges. Makes you wonder how the f**kers can charge so much for the multi blade replacements
  8. So 4-5 shaves in now, basically testing each blade with each new shave. Not too many nicks or cuts, hot towel after to wipe clean, tea tree oil to clean then cold washer to cool everything down. Favorite blade thus far - feather blades, get the nice smooth face after a 3 pass.
  9. Anyone looking for a lathering bowl, found this at the local target. Bloody cheap at $4 for those wanting a cheap alternative to the bowls sold at shaver shops - obviously not as cheap as lathering on the face but if you're after a bowl I'd mosey down to target and see if they've got something similar.
  10. Hahahahaha - reminds me of the stories of guys using hair removal cream on their sack and date and leaving it on a tad too long Second shave in - better than the first, nowhere near as much burning afterwards. Only did 2 passes, previous shave did 3 (probably why my face felt like satan had wiped his balls across it) Less irritation this round which is promising. Next shave will be swapping blades to try and different type
  11. Thanks for the tips lads Edit: Just had my first taste of de shaving - few red specks peppered across my face, mainly along the jaw line - which I think was from my lather on the second pass not being that good, my huge Adam's apple survived unscathed surprisingly as that's where I thought the most damage would be done. Face burnt like mad after a splash of tea tree oil.. All in all not too shabby - plenty to work on but haha. I do like the cool feeling of the eucalyptus cream after you've made a pass
  12. stand arrived today. grabbed one from the shave shed for $29 posted. sturdy little stand - was thinking it was possibly going to be a flimsy bit of metal but seems alright. but here's my kit - purchased the standard wet shaving kit, chose the eucalyptus cream and got given a sample of sandalwood thrown in and had a big arse black mug in the cupboard so i'll be using that for the lathering oh another quick question. do you guys keep the blade in the razor? or take them out each time? i know they've been coated with anti corrosion, just wanted to double check.
  13. Looks f**king cool!. This is what the fireys were using during that big arse bush fire wasnt it?
  14. Yea might have a look on eBay for a stand for both the razor and brush
  15. Being Christmas and all - got the mrs to get me the $140 kit as a present. Should get here by friday hopefully. Do you guys have the stand or a box to put all the stuff in so it doesn't get stuffed up?
  16. The Walking Dead

    Finally! Some action at the prison (would have been sweet to keep the tank), Then the f**ks have a mid season break until feb!!
  17. Sons of Anarchy

    Good few episodes to start season 6 off!
  18. The Walking Dead

    Season 4 comes out Oct 13.
  19. Sons of Anarchy

    Season 6 starts tonight for those with foxtel but torrent is available for those who don't
  20. Stupidly priced petrol

    That's what pisses me off!, even worse is when a servo further away (45 mins north of where i live) from the depot is almost 20 cents cheaper then then your local
  21. Sons of Anarchy

    Season 6 less than one month away http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdezEkVYhVc&sns=em
  22. Aquarium Chat Thread

    How does that light not bug the shit out of you without any sort of projection aide? (Ie: pointing it down into tank instead of out like it is at the moment)