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  1. Inventions

    id like to see a hand held EMP gun made - for when those knobs sit right on your ass, or come flying up beside you hurling abuse, just point - shoot and drive off waving while their car comes to a stop
  2. thats frucking frucked! i can understand though if its someone blatenly carrying on at the top of their lungs in the street (pissed or not) or ferrell kids who think its cool running around like they own the town saying f*&^ this or *milkshake* that. but if its going to be used as a way to catch people chatting amoungst themselves and occasionaly let slip, then that's not right.
  3. http://john.williams.site.net.au/imports1.htm#Queensland%20and%20Gold%20Coast have a look through there

    if not.... torrent that shit! definately looks the goods
  5. Unthinkable (2010)

    watched this the other night, its kind of a bit boring - except for when SLJ's on the screen. he is one crazy mother f*&^er in this film
  6. How To Bleed S13 Clutch

    did the same thing, except it was my old slave which i had swapped out, and i put the little plastic white cap (that came with the new one) in the end of the old one, and was pushing down on the slave rod wondering why it wasnt budging , then pop, squirt.... pain....water to flush eye hahaha OT, as others have said, try and get rid of the junction box, its a pain in the ass to bleed - i found anyway - i got my mechanic to do a direct line from the master to the slave.
  7. Mr Whippy

    but its mr whippy dude!
  8. Show us ya vacuum cleaners!

    ^^^ they are hardcore hand dryers, blast the absolute shit out of your hands, josh - just get a couple of those little robot vacuum cleaners, they have sensors in them to determin the air quality then switch on, do their job, then go and park themselves. never have to get up to do the vacuuming again check out irobot on youtube
  9. 21st birthday plans

    nothing beats a simple bbq / or pig on the spit at the olds place - just make sure you be the good son and clean your shit up afterwards though aside from that, kedron wavell services club. knew a few people to have they 21st there, doesnt matter if there are under age people there, cuz youll be in a private room.
  10. Sleeping disorders/problems.

    dont know if its been mentioned, but you could try a progressive muscle relaxation cd. basically when you decide to go to bed, put some earphones in, and listen to the person speaking and do exactly as they say. you need to have a completely silent room, no lights - so if the missus wants to watch tv, tell her to go out to the tv room (if youve got a tv in your room that is). i found it pretty good relaxation (was/is treating anxiety), makes you feel like your sinking about a foot into your bed once you've got it downpat or if there is a tv on in your room of a night time, get a dark face towel to cover your eyes there are 3 parts to the cd, but i can only remember the 1st and half way through the 2nd part before i'm out cold
  11. Music programs

    hey all, quick question for you musicians I was wondering if there is any programs out that can single out instruments??? (ie: you can single out the bass guitar to be able to tab the song)
  12. Evil Clown

    saw this on the net - now i know there is an email address called @ihateclowns.com Evil clown attacks Swiss kids for cash Why the Swiss hate their children In Switzerland, kids must be really starved for entertainment. In a country known for precision, reliability and an aversion to spontaneity, an Evil Clown is bringing his own sadistic form of love and laughter to the lives of terrified tots. Well, that's the idea at least. Dominic Deville set up his Evil Clown service in Lucerne, Switzerland, on the premise that "kids love being scared senseless". For a price he'll set traps in your letter box, send your youngster chilling texts and prank phone calls and generally scare the bejeebus out of them as a part of his birthday package. Deville sends his prey notes telling them they're being watched, and that they'll be attacked when they least expect it. This comes in the form of a cake-in-the-face. Kids that evade a splat are rewarded with sweets and a party. "The one and only aim is to smash a cake in the face of a victim, when they least expect it, in the course of seven days", says Deville, who came up with the interesting business plan after a night of watching horror films. "It's all in fun and if the kid ever gets scared or the parents are concerned, we stop right there", he says. While the concept of an evil clown stalking ankle biters may be odd, the true freak-shows are the parents who hire him as a birthday treat for their kids. While the thrill isn't likely to be popular with people who suffer from coulrophobia (the irrational, or in this case, rational fear of clowns), some Swiss tweens consider it frighteningly fun.
  13. IP MAN

    mate from work went and saw it at the cinemas (only one cinema in brissie is showing it ) - sunnybank amc for those in brisbane wanting to see it he said it was very good! funny thing was, there must have been a group of "special" people in the movies - the only white people in a cinema of asians lol, they kept clapping and cheering when the white guy would win a fight, then when donnie yen won fights they'd cheer too lol
  14. Evil Clown

    would kinda be like this hahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYnGLOJ1X4k
  15. Cars VS the missus

    i manages 10 pages this morning b4 work, was pretty funny how other people from other forums were signing up with billyjustgotowned type names. and it attracted something like 334 people at one point they need to sort it out on jerry
  16. Hey all, Noticed my boat (R33) has started to wobble from the engine around the 20-30 mark. anyone know what might cause this? its only a minor wobble, once the speed picks up it goes away - more of an annoyance while creepign along in traffic. any suggestions appreciated.
  17. engine wobble at low speed

    could be something else in the drivetrain - its a 15 yr old car with 159000 on the clock, so a few creaks here and there arent too bad i guess hehe ill check the engine mounts - cheers for the repsonses
  18. what are the Symptoms of a dying turbo?

    back pressure perhaps?it'd be introducing a intake point (loose seal in the dump to front), that would *&^% arround with the flow of the dump pipe
  19. what are the Symptoms of a dying turbo?

    ovalised lock nuts
  20. anybody at QR today?

    ah a mini was it, was looking at msn before and they reckoned a V8.... the brilliance of journilism still cant be a good thing either way
  21. try peeling as much off as possible then go buy some stuff called Orange goo remover http://www.orangepower.com.au/prod_GooDissolver.shtml
  22. Heaters for your house

    just curious, how much is the wood you get? we use to pay the wood chippers up the road a carton of beer for as much wood as we liked, only problem was it was wet so prick to split, but f*&^ it use to last ages
  23. maybe speak to phoenix imports or i think another guy on here is IronChef , they should be able to tell you the locations. i only know of auction yards in gunma, yokohama, tokyo, sapporo, osaka, nagoya - i dont know if these are the actual centers you go into a sit down at the computers to bid on them though speak to the above people to get a better idea on the importing process. as for importing over buying a few things to think over (only talking about my experience with importing my last car - a 180sx), Importing can be great if you can find a car you're happy with (the bonus being in your case, is that you'll be able to see the car for yourself, rather than go by photo's - if they allow you, not sure on that side of things) The only thing with importing I didn't like it stuff that happened in transit (which mind you is a *&^%ing long time) i think all up my 180 took about 8-10 weeks to arrive, along time if you've sold your daily and awaiting for the car. But from what i saw from the photo's i was shown the paint damage to the car, which i was fine with, the steering wheel was a bit old and worn but i didnt mind that either, when it arrived however, the in-car GPS had been stolen (not that they work over here, but why the *&^% should someone have access to your car and flog stuff from it) there was a crack on the dash which no one had informed me, the door seems looked to be attempted to be siliconed back, so there was a big lump of silicon on the inside of the doors. but all in all i was happy with my purchase. You can be stung with compliancing depending on how modded you car is (pretty much all aftermarket stuff has to come off to be complied, so they take it all off (except for the pain in the ass things like suspension so i was told) then put all stock parts on, then take the stock parts off after getting complied, and put your AM stuff back on (so beware of the labour charges). If you are going to import, make sure you go through every little part that is going to cost you money with the company so you know what you are paying for and how much and when the money is required. good luck
  24. Heaters for your house

    reverse cycle FTW! but since you dont want a wall mountable unit one of those ones pictured above should do the trick

    wouldn't say shitbox, clean s15 dude, ill give a wave next time