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  1. browsing through imbd for up and coming movies, seems like we should be in for a good year of movies. The Avengers http://youtu.be/eOrNdBpGMv8 Underworld: The Awakening http://youtu.be/eC67kNZGpeA The Dark Knight Rises http://youtu.be/M-mf5IyVIAc Men In Black III http://youtu.be/w6l2worqdDU
  2. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    Fans of monkey magic should enjoy this
  3. Interesting video but then I got distracted on how donuts, toothpicks and shit were made...
  4. Aren't you meant to use the dish the soap comes in if you don't have a shave bowl to create the lather?
  5. tax times fun times

    Did mine, tax bill of $700.. Should have paid sfl sooner...
  6. tax times fun times

    My line of work was one that the TO decided to audit last year... Had to pay about 600 to the TO I do my own returns using etax because I was pissed at accountants charging $100 and get f**k all back ($100 or under) Ill be lucky to see a greenback or 2 this year
  7. things that annoy you

    f**king hate that - but with real coffee On that note people who say expresso Waiting for the train. Then f**kers who show up just before the train stops and try and muscle in to get a seat. Back of the line douchebags!
  8. things that annoy you

    2 printers on the floor, one runs out of ink, so people ask how to fix it. I say you've got to replace the ink cartridge, they say ah don't worry I'll use the other one and not change out the f**king ink cartridge!
  9. f**k ya, got me thinking about ditching the multi blades.... you might want to think about one of these perhaps - ill be grabbing one when i get a kit.. http://www.ebay.com....=item3f20785dfc question for the experienced. stubby handle or long handle? (dbl blade safety razor) and badger or boar brush?
  10. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    The redhead's a bit of a bitch...
  11. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    I didn't see that coming, slowly catching up on the books. Glad I hadn't read that
  12. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    Holy f**k balls! What just happened?
  13. things that annoy you

    ^^ They just seem to last that bit extra. No amount of Panadol help. Not taking time off either sick or leave for ages. Then take one day off and work cracks the shits
  14. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    It sucks that its a short season, only 2 episode to go
  15. things that annoy you

    This has to have been mentioned before. But my gripes this week Zig zag walkers, just once I'd like to ankle tap you, you bastards! Followed closely by people that just stop in the shops walkways to have a chat to someone else.
  16. Hey all, could potentially be coming down there for a few weeks, staying. "hopefully" around lonsdale st - office is located on that street I believe From the maps I've seen Chinatown is right next door. What are some nice places to eat?cheapish, Nothing fancy
  17. Heading to CBD for work - where are the good eats at?

    So I didn't get to try half the places you guys mentioned, was flat out at work, but possibly coming back. Ate at china bar on Russell st, got the duck. Forgot those feathery f**kers are full of bones. Did try papa rich for lunch & a few spots near there, got some roti canai with chicken curry, nice but of bite to it
  18. things that annoy you

    On the smoking topic. I was blown away people smoking where people eat at paprich in Melbourne! Took me by surprise when isae someone light up at the tables outside
  19. Epic car fail thread

    i had a good chuckle when i saw this if the pic is too small the list is as follows 3 gauges, 1 shift light, chrome wheels, and twin chrome tail pipes on a stock magna....
  20. Heading to CBD for work - where are the good eats at?

    Cheers man, hopefully some good food and beer shall be had!
  21. things that annoy you

    Road works/ road designs in general. Applogies if you work in a crew who lay the bitumen but for f**ksake! One of the main roads out of my suburb, had a bit of a dip in one section, a couple of bumps further up. These dickheads think its a smart move to over pack the dip with a loose bitumen mix and do the same for the smaller bumps up the road. As soon as anything drives over it, said "fix" is ripped up and thrown off the tires, creating now a bigger pothole or bump then what was there in the first place, then the rest is washed away by rain.
  22. Heading to CBD for work - where are the good eats at?

    Lol so squirttastic then?
  23. Heading to CBD for work - where are the good eats at?

    How hot you talking? (Crazy wings)
  24. Heading to CBD for work - where are the good eats at?

    Cheers man, is that the one on Russell st?