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  1. Aquarium Chat Thread

  2. things that annoy you

    ^^ f**k yes! That and when the wife and daughter leave their tissues on my side of the bed. f**k I don't want to wake up with the potential of contaminated tissues near my face getting blown around by a fan!
  3. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    ^^ bloody oath About time some action started. It was getting dull with just stories & fillers
  4. things that annoy you

    30-40 yr old still calling their fokes mummy and daddy. Don't know why it shits me. Just does.
  5. The Walking Dead

    That's seems to feel like a deleted scene to me, he was still in that sheriff uniform almost like it would have been shortly after killing that walker who was crawling along the ground out in the grass
  6. Northern Korea are an angry bunch

    The guy is an absolute dickwad His videos threats of him blowing up stuff are childish adaptation of thunderbirds/comics.
  7. The Walking Dead

    Had read that on the torrent sites. Season 4 should be interesting.
  8. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    First episode of S3 is out. I want to see what these white walkers are about!
  9. The Walking Dead

    It was disappointing - steal the f**king truck women! Always have to do it the hard way
  10. The Walking Dead

    Someone better start shooting shit up in episode 14! Last couple of episodes have been non eventfull fillers
  11. moving to qld

    You probably won't get a big yard in caloundra any more - it's a pretty built up town. You could try little mountain. About 5 mins off the highway, 5 minutes out of caloundra But for $300k to $400k, you might pick up a house and land package up there. Once again "if" they are still expanding. For around that money I'd be looking further up north (as suggested nambour way) or inland say towards landsborough. That's if you're aiming for a big back yards I'd think about those areas. Check out realestate.com.au for prices and you'll see what out there
  12. things that annoy you

    ^^ agreed they are f**ked Bloody digital tv channel volumes! One show can be at the right level, then the next comes on about 50% louder, then the next is softer. Or is that just me...
  13. Sons of Anarchy

    Read somewhere it's been billed for 2 more seasons
  14. things that annoy you

    Agreed the heat is balls - couple that with an air con unit that doesn't work in our house
  15. Sons of Anarchy

    Going by google.... 13 episodes in total for season 5, so 3 left
  16. things that annoy you

    Sniffers - people who have hay fever, colds,Sinus problems, runny nose for whatever f**king reason, don't sit there sniffing all day, go and buy a box of tissues and use them
  17. The mrs took my 5 yr old on her first last night, not many houses round us doing only 1 other younger kid going door to door, would have been awkward walking down our street. We didn't get one knock - Atleast we got shitloads of lollies to munch on over the next couple of weeks.
  18. $50k down the tube?? that thing would want to be f**king mint! Who ever is doing the work saw you coming a mile away! Or is an absolute twat of a mechanic
  19. Aquarium Chat Thread

    I might be real anal about this, but after doing a gravel swap from coral sand to normal gravel (cichlid to tropical community tank) scrubbed the sides down, vacuumed the gravel but now finding all the sediment landing in the flat spots of ornaments, Is this good bacteria Or just crap that can be vacuumed up?
  20. things that annoy you

    Glue the f**kers together! Make them ruffly the same thickness as a $2 I remember the old arcade machines would fall for it.
  21. How much Electricity do you use?

    you've also been told that your hair is a result of DNA traits jumping a generation or two and it's a coincidence that you look like the mailman he's got you there ben No coincidence.... Point taken though haha
  22. How much Electricity do you use?

    Been told putting your deep freezer on a timer which cuts out between 12am & 3 am it saves a fair bit of juice.
  23. Can't make any personal contributions but I guy I work (a Singaporean) with said he wouldn't fly with them. That being said you'd probably get the same as you would with most of the other cheaper airlines - a Malaysian I work with always flys back to kl for CNY for around $200-$300 return with air Asia (but that is when the deal is on - not all the time), from there it's about $50 to other Asian countries he said
  24. things that annoy you

    But what about the cops on giants mbs.......... With their red and blue flashing lights... Reminds me an old us tv show where the cops would ride around on bikes doing 360s off cars and stuff chasing after some random.