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  1. How much Electricity do you use?

    No dodgey meter?? Is this the norm down south? I know heating costs more than cooling but still!
  2. How much Electricity do you use?

    $800/quarter????? Blardy hell! 3 bedroom house, 2 adults 1 child. Air con tempramentally on (it works when it wants...), Of a nighttime most stuff gets switched off at the wall. I think the most I've ever paid is slightly under $400 a quarter.
  3. things that annoy you

    being in an open office floor layout and having pricks talking on speaker phone for an entire conversation! use the handset FFS!
  4. Aquarium Chat Thread

    not bad for a 5yr old birthday present! - freshwater 4x2x2 water is a bit murky so off to the fish shop tomorrow to buy a few more things to clean that up so i can put the fish back in (currently in the esky with air stone underneath)
  5. things that annoy you

    I've had that a couple of times, the maps froze - time to switch off and on again.... Shits me off or that bullshit message EA lost its signal or whatever it is
  6. Smuggling Alcohol on P&O Cruise

    Isle of pines - awesome snorkeling water near the big arse rock sitting out the water ( i think it's called the sacred rock) . Youre out about 30-50m off the shore, Plenty of school fish - I thought I saw travelley like fish fly past. Didn't see any turtles. Saw a few turtles at lifou island but
  7. Sons of Anarchy

    Yea, it's pretty f**ked up
  8. Condiments

    Makes roast chicken Sunday's f**king awesome!
  9. things that annoy you

    When mother f**kers spit out the window and it lands on my windscreen!
  10. Condiments

    Habanero 11/10 - you know nothing good will come from eating that!
  11. Aquarium Chat Thread

    those marine set ups look schmick! I've just brought a 4x2x2 off my brother for my girls 5th birthday. It's got pretty much everything that's needed - will be fresh water, won't be too drastic is something fails - id hate the thought of losing all that coin in a marine set up on a first tank.
  12. The inbetweeners

    They sure know how to f**k up tv series... Their comedy is vastly different to other countries, especially the English
  13. things that annoy you

    Is that the Porsche 4 door? Ugly as f**k
  14. Sons of Anarchy

    All I'll say is - awesome first episode!
  15. Sons of Anarchy

    Thread heads up Season 5 aired last night in the states, torrents available
  16. Painted hair or not it just proves you can't trust rangas...
  17. Paint matching

    Yea - perhaps bunnings was a stupid suggestion.
  18. Paint matching

    Bunnings, mitre10
  19. things that annoy you

    Getting 98% of the rendering done in my folkes garage and running out of mud...
  20. Don't know how much of the reports are true or not, but how the f**k do you get into a cinemas with a shotgun, rifle & hand gun with a canister of tear gas and gas mask without someone asking what the f**k are you doing here with all that shit!?
  21. Have you used a storage company for your car?

    Haven't stored a car, however stored all house shit when moved back into parents place. The cars we saw at the site weren't in the sheds, they were parked out in the open so not sure about costs/policies of parking a car in a shed. Pretty sure you get 24/7 access ( I never had the need to go that often) but you basically get given (or you choose one) a code to punch in at the security gate to access in and out of the site. The roller doors are electronically monitored, so basically the system know that your code has been punched in therefore your roller door has been opened. If your door has been opened and your code hasn't been out in, the alarm goes off (I believe), the system also recognizes when you leave the premises you input your code to leave, you've left and if your door is opened up after that the alarm goes off too, now I'm not sure if it's a loud alarm or an alarm that is logged in the computer system ( that you would have to clear with the site) We used eureka - didn't have a problem with them Factor in about 250 (ruffly)/month for a space big enough for a car
  22. The Shire..... (the shite)

    it was f**ked - plain and simple
  23. what are some good dvdrips out on torrent?

    decent rips are few and far between this year unless you're after tv series rips. Safehouse isn't too bad if you havent seen it yet.
  24. TED

    looks like it should be a hell of a laugh
  25. things that annoy you

    atleast yours was due to poor visability. I had some stupid women walk infront of my car when I was at a T intersection looking right, when I saw it was good for me to turn left, I started to move, by this stage she had already got in line with my steering wheel.... 7am on a fine & sunny brisbane morning.