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  1. things that annoy you

    Air hoses at servo. How f**king hard is it to do 2 functions - inflate, deflate.
  2. Free Penrite Brake Fluid!

    ^^ pretty sure it's Greg from GSL Rallysport
  3. things that annoy you

    can't remember if i've mentioned it before but drink slurpers, tea, coffee whatever. shits me to tears hearing. slllluuurrrrrrppppppppp every couple of minutes
  4. Show me your comedians!

    Is that Ron "Tater Salad" White? thats the one http://youtu.be/fL6wbsGx9qw
  5. Show me your comedians!

    Some of mine. Not really unknown, but don't see a lot unless you go looking Jimmy Carr Jeremy holtz Ron white & Lewis black
  6. things that annoy you

    f**kwit neighbours. happened at the olds place - these dicks that get on the turps and think they can scream at each other from the other side of the yard of a night time - 1/2 acre block of land
  7. things that annoy you

    f**kers that lean on your chair when they are standing behind you looking over your shoulder at work!
  8. things that annoy you

    they don't use soap to bath, they use oil instead. thats why they are always reak of bad BO!
  9. things that annoy you

    I hate iPhone corrections.... Try typing right o and it corrects it to right I moving into a house and not getting digital signal!, or if I do it's only sbs - which is great if I want to see some foreign bewb but pointless every other f**king day!
  10. things that annoy you

    the people who stand on the sidewalks doing the amnesty international or people power movement shit sign ups. had one arsehole try and make me feel guilty as i walked past with kfc in my hand saying i could provide water in one town for the price of that.... nice try f**ker...
  11. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    Total Recall is being redone - looks interesting
  12. things that annoy you

    ^^hahaha Turning on ps3 to play a quick round of BF3 only to have an update of 1080mb to download & install!
  13. things that annoy you

    Gumbies at work who won't/don't take responsibility for their actions And managers who play Chinese whispers when it comes to deadlines.
  14. building a media pc set up

    I'd check out a program called Winavi all in one converter, it should be able to do what you need a far as ripping the blu rays, I use it to convert from avi to vob so I can burn movies for daughter and it does the trick, pretty straight forward to use, there are torrents available for it or you can buy..... Can't help with os, old man uses Linux but I wouldn't have a clue about it's abilities or even why to switch too
  15. things that annoy you

    Human centipede style..... People that feel its necessary to hit the pedestrian crossing button more than once like it'll make the lights change faster An people who have to push the button even though there is somebody standing next it
  16. Channel Ten Flame Fest

    still as stupid as she was on channel v back in the day...... (yumi that is)
  17. things that annoy you

    Is that what the f**ks up with patchy shaved heads on chicks!? Looks bloody rediculious. People who don't wash their hands after dropping kids off at the pool are my gripe at the moment
  18. things that annoy you

    when you're walking along the footpath in town and you've got women walking in front swinging their arms excessively in front & behind as they walk. ,pre-teen kids who think they are top shit (im sure this has been mentioned before) but girls especially - don't move out of your way, expect you to move around them - they need a good smack in the head... and also old people on pension day - the epitome of rudeness
  19. BTJunkie closes down. BOOOOOOOOO!

    and pirate bay says f**k it, we'll move to sweeden
  20. things that annoy you

    i'm sure these have been covered but ill vent my rage... people who dawdle at sets of lights. their light is red, i've got a green arrow but they are either sitting far enough back that i cant slip past them or they slowly creep forward so that by the time i get to the light, it's turned red. which then brings me to the next one, f**kers who sit too far to the left in their lane and don't allow you to slip past them to get to the lights....
  21. i did a how to on r33 front upper control arm bush replacements - but didnt take photos, if you wanted also did a front reo bar removal & side mount removal on a r33 if thats handy.
  22. Optus you'll probably find the same deal. great coverage if you're in a kick ass spot to get full coverage, move inside and you'll lose that signal. that happens to me at the big shopping centres. even at the local woolworths i can have signal just outside the door, go inside and down a couple of isles and the signal is lost on one stretch of road i can lose and regain the signal up to 3 times with optus. (small hills & small valleys) even looking at their "coverage" maps on their website which said you'd have full coverage along that road... unfortunately if you want the best coverage, Helstra is the only option ......
  23. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    The Dictator
  24. a bloke at work has started using them. talks about it all the f**king time to the point nausea sets in with most of us, i'm talking as soon as he comes in to work of a morning, its all about "straight razors". drives me f**king nuts! I can see the benfit of them, not having to buy the disposables every couple of weeks, but i'd imagine there'd be a lot of maintenance with a straight razor keeping it sharp enough not to hack your face apart each pass you do.
  25. Well boys and girls I'm off to Iririki, Vanuatu

    yea i'd stay clear of the kava. tastes like shit! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kava you'll be hounded by taxi's wanting business. we stopped their on a cruise and there were hundreds at the port gates going you want taxi! you want taxi!, yelling down at you saying their car is about a 15 min walk away, but theyll walk you to it..... &^%$ that!. watch the taxi's too, make sure you get a price off them first for the trip and if they tlak about taking you hear and there without adding on any prices (they'll try and rip you at the end of the journey) alot of people on our cruise got stung like that, taxi man would say $50 then at the end of the trip after taking them to all the places they'd charge them $200+ AUD. so just make sure you get a set price before jumping into a taxi. The cascade waterfalls (where they do the absail) is about the only "nice" place on the island apart from the harbour i found, there should be good snorkelling or scuba around some the places (we didnt get to go on Vila) - Lifou Island & Isle of Pines kick ass for snorkelling! the rest of the island is as you'd expect from a not so wealthy country. dirty, smelly - everywhere fires are burning cuz they burn everything (rubbish, vegetation) watch the prices on stuff labelled in Vatu. we got ripped at a beach hut for lunch (near hideaway island), a plate of s&p calamari, a "kids" size fish and chips, 2 local beers & a soft drink $60 AUD. The people around are real friendly - you can wave at pretty much anyone and they'll wave back with a smile. for duty free shopping - we found the cheapest was the Chinese Shop down the end of the Duty free strip to be the best - 1L bottles for $12 (vodka mostly), Johnny for about $15-17 same for rum, bourban etc etc. thats about all i can remember for now, if you need any more info, let me know oh & i'm pretty sure they don't like bargaining from what i remember