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  1. NS.com Skirmish 2007

    yeah me thinks this wont happen this sunday, seeing as we havent paid deposits or anything. (wouldnt worry about the private game, u need too many numbers for that) might as well just book in and run a muck with the rest of the people, more people is better when it comes to paintball, keeps you on your toes and gets fairly hectic out on the field.
  2. NS.com Skirmish 2007

    yeah man, whens the deposits due???? (being 2 weeks away an all)
  3. Free Running!

    this is what its meant to look like and this aint, its funny watching people hurt themselves
  4. Car Crash

    I was in a car crash the other day, i drove up the back of this car. as i got out i was confronted by the other driving who was a dwarf. we started swapping detail and at the end of it all, he turned around and said he's not happy. I said, so which one are you then? thats when the fight started
  5. Best Hecklers

    Jim Tavare: Comic Jim Tavare went on stage with an opening line, "i'm a schizophrenic..." to which someone immediately replied "then f*&^ off, the both of you!" Bono: bono was on stage in glasgow, talking about african poverty clapping his hands together dramatically as he said "every time i clap my hands, a child in africa starves to death. a man from the audience yelled out "stop f*&^ing doing it then" Jimmy Carr: Jimmy Carr had offended an overweight lady in the audience with a joke. she therefore shouted out "your a fattist" Carr: "no love, you're the fattist" Rodney Dangerfield: once a heckler called out "hey rodney, what do you do for a living? to which he replied. I find men for your sister!" now some random jokes from the mag. "i was in this store the other day and i asked. "how much is this shampoo?" and this guy just punched me in the face..... thats the last time i shop at Price Attack!" (Arj Barker) dads are the worst people to buy gifts for. my father turns into a son of a bitch, he's just so difficult to buy for. sometimes i honestly wish he was some anonymous sperm donor, cos the're easy to buy for. you know they're into porn and tupperware. (jacques barrett) I saw six men kicking and punching my mother-in-law. my neighbour said "are you going to help?" i said "no, six should be enough" (Peter Kay) sleeping with prostitues is like making your cat dance with you on its hind legs. you know its wrong, but you try to convince yourself that they're enjoying it as well. (scott capurro)
  6. 180sx headlights

    this may sound like a stupid response but have you've pushed the button on the right hand side next to the steering wheel (it has a little light picture on it) if u've pushed that, then they will always be up
  7. **QLD ns.com Members**

    Name : Ben Car : 91 180sx stock cept for coilovers and exhaust (just had a little girl so the modding scene has taken a back seat) howevere did manage to buy a bodykit b4 the baby popped out so waiting to paint & fit. will post pics soon. Location : Brisbane north Claim to Fame: Empti_s13's little brother
  8. Bam Margera

    hey all, not sure if you guys are fans of his viva la bam show. but he'll be in queen street mall tomorrow from 4pm. he doing a new doco on his life growing up as a pro skater and moving into his mtv shows thought i'd let yas know
  9. sprite recharge!!! imo the best tasting energy drink
  10. NS.com Skirmish 2007

    ^^^ from memory 5-10 bucks (thats if they have them) seems samford never have them always sold out, keperra last time i went had heaps in stock, dont work that well, but a bit of a laugh for a novilty (remembers when he threw one into the fort level. heard some dude on the other team yell out GRENAAADDDEEEE!!!!!!) guess he took it seriously hehe
  11. Stalling while driving

    this use to happen to the old cheese's verada. it would turn off while driving down the road, not matter how fast you'd be going it'd just turn off (sometimes steering would lock while trying to pull the car over). that ended up being the cars computer. not saying that is what is wrong with yours, but like above said take it to an auto electrician
  12. NS.com Skirmish 2007

    topgun is keperra, wouldnt say its shithouse thats for sure, fields are a little small, but their equipment shits all over samfords (the upgraded markers anyway)
  13. NS.com Skirmish 2007

    ^^^^ both are supair. using inflatable bunkers to hide behind as you shoot your way through the field to get to the other side, but failing to get to the other side, last man standing wins (normally runs to the other side to touch their flag)
  14. Bam Margera

    how bout man cans?
  15. What front bar?

    was going to suggest maybe an m-sport, but at a closer look dont think so
  16. NS.com Skirmish 2007

    +1 for keperra my legs hurt to much at samford from running these freeking hills
  17. calling all car salesmen!

    not a car salesman sorry buddy, but recently brought a car from a car yard and they offered a 30 day cooling off peiod. have a look through your fine print it might be in there. check all your paperwork to see if any of it says anything about cooling off periods. if not i doubt you could just take it back to get a refund.
  18. Unmarked cop cars

    ^^^^ hahahahahaha
  19. NS.com Skirmish 2007

    ill be keen again to shoot some paint. went to samford a cpl of weeks ago, their fields are large and have changed a fair bit from last time u play nic. imo keperra has the better equipment as far as markers go (there upgraded ones anyway), but like samford there normal markers are both the same stock tippmans. but yeah put me down anyway for a spot no matter which field
  20. Indicator Stalk

    hey all, was wondering if someone knew if the "how to get to the indicator stalk" in the s13 manual? or if not could someone explain to me how i get to the contacts to give them a clean? cheers
  21. Rock Throw

    just break their legs and see how fast the litte f*&^ers can run then (once youve caught them that is, wether it be on foot or in your car)
  22. Got defected...

    ive heard of people getting off fine for police mis spelling information, but i think that was more like names and address, not sure if they'd let you go for missing an 0 in 180sx, but like others have said worth a shot (just dont be pissed if they hand you a bigger fine ).
  23. hey all, not sure how long these vans have been with the police, but keep a look out for mercedes bens vans on the side of the road, the police now seem to be using these vans as speed camera cars now. driving through albany creek the other day and noticed the speed camera sign infront of the van and thought ah there must be a cruiser infront, but the camera was actually in the van. pretty sneeky i thought. so yeah keep an eye out for them (not condoning speeding mind you)
  24. or if your alarm has a silent key switch on the side of it, turn that off. your alarm might have come with a small key with a round key style that fits into the side of the actual horn part of your alarm in the engine bay, my viper car alarm use to go off when i took the battery out, so i just use to put it on silent