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  1. air con fan

    same thing happened to my brother silvia, u might want to have a look down next to your pedels u will see a little arm with a white thing attached to it going into a black box ( from memory i think thats it) get someone to keep an eye on that as you move the dial from face to face-feet etc etc. u might find that the plastic cog has worn away but ull still be able to hear it move. if thats the case try and sauce a wrecked one and just grab the small arms . hope that helped.
  2. funny cat jump

    u guys have gotta watch the video where the cat is on the bed. from the videos above
  3. wierdest thing ive seen is a NOS bottle in a diahatsu charade or serion down at schoolies back in 00. would have been like a little go kart on speed
  4. Used engine oil

    i thought it was the unused fat from liposcution (or was that for soap). but in response to the question, i normally take my old oil to the local tip they have an oil drop off point there, but thats the northside not sure u want to drive all the way up from the coast just to drop off oil
  5. Hey all, done the convertion of the climate controller from analog to digital on my 180. the only thing that went wrong is that i can't choose my fan speed. the little lights light up at each speed but it only comes on at the highest speed. the only thing i havent done in the convertion was hook up the constant power wire. could this be the cause? or have i not done a wire up properly? ( if so does anyone know which wire controls the fan speed) Cheers all
  6. Digital Climate Control Fan Speed

    cheers for the input guys, been a while since i did the cahnge over a while ago, but finally managed to drag my ass out to figure out the fan speed control. basically it was like what lucious said ( from memory orange black and blue something that plugged into the blue relay) didnt actually realise that these 2 wires had been snipped. my overlooking it was the real problem hehe. but managed to get the wires fixed up so it all works good now.
  7. Car Yards

    thought i might put this in the qld area considering ts a qld car yard ill be have a dig at today. if anyone is looking at the 2nd hand cars from ar yards,i strongly recommend not going to Salters cars. and my story goes. Me and the misses went to buy a "family car" so we thought we'd check out salters to see what they had. we ended up trading in her car and getting an 04 magna. now the car itself was a good deal i thought, but it was happened after we purchased the car that really pissed me off. We thought it'd be a good idea to get all the protection stuff done on it (fabric, paint, rust proofing, etc etc. due to the fact we will be having a baby soon so we dont want spew burning through the fabric). we arranged a day to have all this done, the misses took a sick day off work and went down to get all this stuff done. when she came to pick me up from work we noticed they hadnt installed a car alarm, which meant that we had to go back down at a time which was an inconveniance to us both (seeing that we live about 1.5 hs away from the car yard). after we spoke to a lady over the phone she said that a time had been arranged for us to bring the car down and a technition to install the alarm saturday morning. we get down there only to find out a techie hadnt been arranged so instead of sitting there for 30 mins like they said it would we ended up being there for 2 hrs. to cut a long story short, we said some compensation was in order (for the inconvenice of us take time off work on saturday to get a job done that should have been done on tuesday. when the manager walked in, he said we could have a free t-shirt(i kinda of smirked and laughed) noting that, that wasnt good enough. now mind you i wasnt expecting the world of them, but the fact that they thought a free t-shirt was good enough compensation for loss of wages is a pretty piss poor attempt in trying to make a customer happy. all this time i wasnt talkign to the general manager ( which in a customer service role is who i should have been talk to) he walked out and left one of the other lady's to deal with me. in short dont buy from salters. , they are great when u want to buy a car off them, but once thats done thats it, they dont give a rats ass! feel free to have your 2 cents worth (or if you have a story of your own)
  8. Car Yards

    cheers for that 51CAZ and yeah drove an hr and half to buy a car (proberbly could have brought one closer but oh well) lesson learnt
  9. Comming back from being sick?

    yeah what speeddemons said... thats why u see tennis players havign swigs of their energy drinks then guzzle water afterwards. i say drink plenty of that V8 juice (but stick to the orange and carrot one) havent tried any of the others so dont know how nice they are.
  10. yes as stated b4 they are classed as a Class A Firearm. meaning you have to have a licence hold one and a reason ( eg. being part of a paintball league) in oz, thats what the law is in QLD anyways. why dont you check out action paintball down in sydney, they sell markers and all that gear (doesnt have to come through customs then) if you did want one from overseas then i'd ask a shop like action to get one in for you (if possible)
  11. Hey all, just wondering if any of you Brisbane people knew of any Tyre & Wheels places in Brisbane that supply the Sport Maxx wheels range. Cheers all
  12. 180sx Door Speaker Upgrade Ideas

    ^^^^^ 6x4's are the standard speaker size that the car came with (i think anyway). if you want your 6" speakers to fit just remove the whole speaker & plastic bit.
  13. :( Women...

    hahaha wait till u get a girl pregnant mate, thats an every frickin 10 minute occurance so to go a little off topic
  14. seat belt won't retract?

    not sure if this will help the situation, but try unplugging the cables the connect into the buckle part of the seat (if you havent already done so, or if you car does have them). found that was a problem in my 180, kept comming loose, but unplugged the wires that connect into the buckle (i think they are a feature to do with airbags, but since my car doesnt have airbags... dont need to be connected) see if that does the trick. good luck with it
  15. 180sx Door Speaker Upgrade Ideas

    did cut any holes, just used what was already there ( from memory the plastic thingy and the metal of the door) think i just drilled one hole into the door to fit pioneer 6" speakers in. cant remember what model they are but they do the trick i guess.
  16. My first speeding fine..... sigh... :angry:

    i think he means look into the legality of them catching you from 500m away. i know there are rules and regulations with those hand radar guns ie. must point parralel to the ground (so they cant point at you while your coming over a hill). and im sure there are other just cant remember them at the mo. thats what i think he means dude. but i say just take the fine and save the hassle
  17. My first speeding fine..... sigh... :angry:

    not as good as yours champ, but my 1st was on the way to work at 5:30 on a cold winters morning, got done doing 60 in a 40 roadwork zone "didnt actually see any roadworkers out their working" but i guess that beside the point. something like 180 bucks and 2 or 3 points *cant remember*. that my was first speeding fine since i had my licence havent got another one since then *drives a little bit more cautious with an import these days
  18. what not to do

    hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha. seemed they were more concerned about finding the nuts afterwards.
  19. yeah, good cruise bar the freeking cold. *mental note* long sleeve under shirt, a t-shirt, jumper and wind breaker aint going to cut it next time i think . good to meet some other people from here, (only kinda knew pyro and empti-s13) but me and the missed had a cool time. pretty cool too watching the convoy down the highway (was mostly at the back of the pack)
  20. gkteck exhaust ...

    was really happy with the exhaust i got (cat back)and the quality of it as well. i fitted the exhaust myself without any hassel. still have to buy the rest of the front end of the exhaust (all in due time) performance wise, not too sure what the power figures are (if thats what your refering to). sound wise - deep ballsy grumble and then screams when u get up it. so for the price you pay to get your stuff from gkteck its a pretty damm good deal really. my two cents cheers
  21. front lights

    not sure where the contacts were, had an auto sparky do it for me. my best guess is if uve changed ure bulb etc. then i dare say the contact for the high beam is a little dirty, that was my problem was only high beam worked but normal didnt. changed the bulb still had the same problem, took it to an auto sparky and they just cleaned the contacts up a bit. so if u got time take it to one. if not try and find the contacts ureself and see what they are like.
  22. front lights

    could be the bulb or its the contact between normal lights and highbeam. i had some situation but reversed. driving lites wouldnt work but high beam would, turned out to be the contact point was a little dirty.
  23. Movies

    haha bad boy bubby, thats some f*&^ed up sh^t right there. i reckon super troopers. ninja scrol. borat. hot shots 1 & 2
  24. hehe omo in the engine. next she would have tried to put rubbish in her fuel tank so she could have a flying dilorian. like how you guys get the shits when people watch over you. i get the shits from people who see me in a work uniform ( retail ) and the dumb f*&^ers say excuse me mate you work here? no i just like the uniform.
  25. HAHAHAHA, even the kid got into the break dancing stuff doing flips off the dudes leg