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  1. did have tool lateralis in my head earlier at work. no songs at the moment though.
  2. a milkshake out the window normally does the trick atleast give u enough time to get further ahead b4 he cleanes his/her windscreen, but that leads to another problem of having a constant supply of my whippie in your car which i dont think most people have . but if all else fails i just normally back off and let them sit on my ass. not going to move over cuz some f*&^ didnt like it when i overtook him/her in the SLOW lane.

    dude keep the rims u got at the moment i reckon, they look sweet as. looking forward to see a pic with those wheels on your car ( i want that style wheel but in bronze) tell us how they go with ure suspension, i got coilovers and dont want them hitting
  4. Getting a good deal. HOW? :S

    my advise.... if you are going to import one from japan, try and get mostly stock standard. reasons for this is that when it comes over to pass for compiancing most ( not all but most depending on what they are) parts have to be removed so their is a labour charge in that. and other charges like transporting the car from the docks to the shop, then from the shop to the compliancing yard (i got stung that way) not alot of money but still. but like some other guys have said on this forum, see whats out their in the import world, but also keep an eye out for ones in oz land. u can find a good car either way if your patient enough
  5. AAMI Insurance

    no under 25's for shannons wanted to go with them but will have to wait a yr b4 i see what their prices are
  6. AAMI Insurance

    tried to do my insurance for my old lancer through them (cuz the fokes were with them) and i had a 2 1/2 " exhaust on it and they said they wouldnt insure me due to performace mods. so i think they dont like mods at all.
  7. switch on big brother

    ahh european big brother. those were the days were u could see those german ( or dutch, cant remember) start going at it like rabbits on the bathroom benchtop. bring that s*&^ on
  8. carbon fiber bonnet

    ^^^^ and i heard (dont quote me on this) that they were freeeking hard to put out if a fire started in the engine bay ( apparently carbon burns quite a fair bit )
  9. Hey all, heard the other day apparently its illegal to leave you car running on your turbo timer if you move more than 30 ft away from your car. is this true or a load of bollocks?. if its true.... why??
  10. Turbo Timer Legality .... ?

    yeah i let the car run for a bit after doing highway driving (think the book says about 30 secs to a minute) and just let it idle for a little bit on way home from work etc etc. of course the time would vary pending on driving habits.
  11. I Need Finance For An Import

    just make sure u get a loan that has no early establishment fee ( if you pay it off b4 the contract is up then they will charge you the interest you owe for the remaining years that they'll miss out). if you go a loan that is thats my 2 cents worth
  12. Turbo Timer Legality .... ?

    yeah true with saving money to spend on other things (already got coilovers holding me to the deck ). just thought it's a weird ass rule.
  13. i only know of this one http://site.dragtag.com.au/webpage.php?id=2 they are down in victoria. basically hook your car up to a dyno machine with some big ass screens infront of your car and you can race other people and stuff.
  14. Got sent this in an email

    yeah thats some mean sh*& there, but good for a chuckle. seen one version in japan where a dude actually jerks off on chicks. now thats some f*&^ed up shit right there. that would deserve a beating more than pulling their tops down
  15. Hooray!

    check out that dude hair do. looks like he had it styled to the american cop helmets hahahahaha
  16. an empti pack of smokes in the boot & a road flare in behind the glove box. kinda crapped myself when it first rolled out. havent checked anywhere else might find more of a stash

    Hey all got a fella at work with an oz spec S15. apparently his turbo has started making a noise to which he can only compare to if you put a air hose into a small rubber tube and let that fly around it makes that kinda high pitch sound. it happens when he hits about 3G and just spooling on. any ideas? could it be the turbine itself crapping out? or a hose connector?

    aaahhh that second question might have something to do with. he's a knob when he drives. pretty much tries to drag anything that pulls up next to him. oh well that'll teach him i guess. cheers for that
  19. Shaved My Battery Tray Today

    stupid question proberbly, but why is it illegal to run piping through battery tray?
  20. sucked in to him. reminds me of that dude who put his head into a croc's or allegators mouth, he was going fine until a bit of sweat dripped off his head and hit the cro's toungue he was lucky the thing didnt do that death roll with his head still in there.

    hey mate, i had a bit of metal with a hook on the end stuck it through the hole and gave it a quick pull & it just popped out easy as didnt scratch or ding it up. if anyone wants to see it on a 180sx look at my last 2 posts, got pics up & a video ( cant really hear it too well but it does the job)

    ok people after alot of stuffing around i finally managed to get the video up on the computer and net. now granted its not the best quality for vision and sound it gives you the general idea of what the sound is like. (it was recorded onto video cam. then from video cam to mobile phone cam) reason 4 that is that i could get the freeking file from my video cam to my camera for some weird reason. anyway here is a small video of it. oh and the pics of what it looks like is up a few messages ^^^^^ http://s150.photobucket.com/albums/s108/i_...ent=Exhaust.flv

    ok lets try this again. hopefully these links work. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s108/i_.../IMGA0063-1.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s108/i_.../IMGA0064-1.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s108/i_.../IMGA0065-1.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s108/i_...sx/IMGA0066.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s108/i_.../IMGA0067-1.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s108/i_...sx/IMGA0070.jpg ill try and get the video up soon - so bare with me
  24. thought most of you would like this possible not work safe you guys can decide http://www.zooweekly.com.au/members/viewPo...=0&aid=1119

    topgun's a cool field, like what nic said it's small fields and with heaps of people it get's pretty tight and hectic but thats more fun rather than spread out and havign to hunt people down, they use the standard tippman's as their normal gun but you can upgrade to the pihrana's as the upgraded one with the mech. hopper & compressed air, makes the hits harder and faster