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  1. not sure if this has been covered but i thought i'd ask the question for those who have it, or those thinking of getting it. but is Private health insurance actually worth it??, reason why I ask is that in a month of so, I'll be slugged with a $3500 dentist bill (thats the dentists costs + anaethetist + the private hospitals fees) for my daughters dental work that needs doing. After looking at iselect and all the usual health fund website, I found that we'd have to pay a shite load each month to get 2 parts of f**k all back. (plus you've got the usual 12 month waiting period for "major dental") what are your thoughts?
  2. Private Health Insurance - is it worth it?

    Hmm seems like the consensus is it's worth it... One thing that still has got me puzzled, when you guys say it's paid for itself, is that you haven't paid a cent, or your forked out and then claimed all back? Not going over your annual limit
  3. Best place to buy cheap Blu-Rays

    I use a external hard drive + media player, rarely dl anything under a blu ray rip just make sure the media player that you buy (if you decide to) can play high res videos
  4. How much rent do you pay?

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know how much of a weekly rent payment does the agency take?? Obviously not all the money goes to the owner, just wondering what % the pricks take out for their cut
  5. How much rent do you pay?

    Started out at $285/week for a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom & dbl garage about 45-50 mins north of Brisbane. Ended up at 360 after 1.5 yrs
  6. Podcasts - Who's listening to what?

    Sweet, been meaning to dl more podcasts, Jason mewes and Kevin smith(jay and silent bob for the unknowing) have a series out, not sure how often it's updated, also Tom green
  7. this was covered on 60 minutes a couple of weeks back - some old guy in a band in NZ start marketing "legal" drugs by slightly changing them chemical compound of a drug to take the illegal side of things away. they sell them in porn shops apparently - not sure if they are in australia yet.
  8. Sons of Anarchy

    dude you'll be hooked. every Wednesday night a new episodes available for download, s4e11 available
  9. who plays the lotto?

    what bugs me is when you go to check your ticket and it says players circle card required.. and you start thinking f**k yea! only to win $12.... but still a win is a win
  10. Disturbing Movies

    the torrent is available now ^^^ (human centipede 2)
  11. Sons of Anarchy

    up to episode 8 or 9 cant remember which on season 4, shits getting interesting! even gave the other seasons to the inlaws - they sat there and watched one after the other (they're old & retired, they've got nothing to do) went through the 3 seasons in a couple of days got to love autowatch torrents

    spotted in the valley this morning - a red 200 with a ding on its arse end with a comment "don't lend ure car to ure mates" your exhaust sounds like its had a black c*ck rammed up it without remorse -

    been a while since ive posted on here. and so it's been a while since ive been able to do anything to the taxi got these fitted so long 15+ yr old crapped out suspension - hello crappy brisbane roads which I now feel so much better....
  14. spelling test

    Big laugh from me Nice!
  15. things that annoy you

    People at the front of the queue in traffic and aren't paying attention so everyone has to sit there for 30seconds before the fvckhead realised the lights have gone green ^^^ this and when people are holding up traffic in a left lane must turn left because they want to merge into the middle lane
  16. 1st rwc on my 180

    ^^ + for the dodgy rw place, I went to a local mechanic with my old 180 which had - coilovers, wheels, tinting, jj steering wheel, 3" exhaust with high flow cat. Basically they wanted it returned to stock before they'd sign off, took it to another place down the road and they passed it with all above mentioned still on, as previously mentioned some places will be ok with it as long as it drives safe
  17. Limitless

    only seen half of this so far, but what i saw was pretty freeking cool IMBD link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1219289/
  18. 2 Poems

    not sure if this has been posted, but here are 2 lovely poems WOMAN'S POEM: Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong. One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's rich and self-employed, And when I spend, won't be annoyed. Pull out my chair and hold my hand. Massage my feet and help me stand. Oh send a king to make me queen. A man who loves to cook and clean. I pray this man will love no other. And relish visits with my mother. A MAN'S POEM: I pray for a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac with big tits who owns a bar on a golf course, And loves to send me fishing and drinking. This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit.
  19. Your Opinion

    got this in an email - got a chuckle from me. Enjoy
  20. Email sending those stupid links

    If you want to keep your Hotmail account I'd solve it pronto - or you'll get a message from windows live saying it is against their policy to send spam and your account will be locked - happened to the mrs before she got a chance to get everything off her email account
  21. Why do people need religion?

    Spare a talunt for an old ex leppah?? It's funny listening to the white guy at work speak about christian rubbish to the Indian bloke, and the indian bloke talk to the white bloke about hindu. Arguments always happen Just don't bring that shit to work and talk loudly about it and we'll get on just fine
  22. The cooking/food thread.

    This is an old school steamed sponge pudding which kicks ass on cold nights 6oz SR Flour 4oz margarine 4oz caster sugar A pinch of salt (a small pinch - not a chefs pinch) 2 eggs 2 tablespoon golden syrup ( try and find the little green tin with a lion on it) it has a better flavor Mix it all up minus the golden syrup, grease a pudding bowl with some margarine, put golden syrup in first, then put sponge mix in, cover with grease proof paper (or baking paper) with a fold in it to allow for the sponge to expand, tie to pudding bowl with string - steam for 2 hrs (first bring water to a boil, then turn heat down to simmer) Serve with custard & a extra little bit of golden syrup Will add pictures after I cook one today
  23. Hey all, I'll be going on a cruise in October and was thinking if I go snorkeling or diving of taking my digital camera down to take some picks. Just wondering if anyone has used those waterproof camera bags? Are they worth it, what ones are good and do they reduce quality at all? Cheers
  24. Waterproof camera bags

    They're pretty good - defenately will look at the ft3
  25. Waterproof camera bags

    I don't think I'd be game to take my slr under water lol Cheers for the link