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    im always keen for a bit of free ballin - i mean paintballin . for all you 1st timers make sure you go and buy yourselves a groin gaurd, this one dude who played on my 18th didnt wear one and he got shot sort of point blank in the twig and giggle berries took him about 10 mins to get up . see yas on the field
  2. Insurance

    i got my 180 insured with just cars, im 24 and pay just over 1100 for mine and they'll only cover my car for market value, kinda kick in the nutz but better than having no insurance at all and write ya car off really. you could try a place like vigil insurance ( think they are a victorian mob) but if you've pragned up a car they wont touch, you gotta be hospital clean to be insured with them
  3. Greddy Turbo Timers

    I have an older style Greddy turbo timer, which im sure was working when my car was in japan, but when it got brought over here the nob head who installed the stereo must have cut the wires off, anyone know what colour is what and where it plugs up to? ( 3 wires from memory) any help would be cool Cheer
  4. Greddy Turbo Timers

    cheers for that man

    just made a payment on my exhaust, ive got a 180sx & also a video camera, so if yas want as soon as it arrives & gets fitted ill take a video for you guys who want to know what it sounds like on a 180.
  6. dont quote me on this, but the little sensor on top of the dash i think does the sensoring of the auto function to adjust the temp inside the cabin of the car ( like i said dont quote me). good luck with the convertion if you're good with electrical stuff it shouldnt be too hard for ya
  7. air/con fanning option dont work

    my bro had the same problem with his silvia. if you check down by the pedels just to the left & up a bit there is a little motor that will switch between all the options ( face, face/feet etc etc..), there is also one on the passenger side, check to see if they are moving while u click the buttons. if not you'll proberbly have to replace them. faily simple, only took my bro about half hr to change over. hope that helps
  8. Standard AirCon to Climate Control

    either or dude, check the classifieds to see if any of the guys on here have one spare, or check wreckin yards. if all else fails, find one from japan.
  9. Standard AirCon to Climate Control

    if standard you mean the analog a/c unit where you push the buttons in and move the little thing left and right to determin how cold or hot it gets, then yes. have a look in articles & media up the top of the screen and go to audio/electrical, theres a guide on how to do it in there. just follow the steps like the dude says and it should be good. (you'll also need the digital climate controller & all the wiring loom that comes with it) have a look in parts for sale, some of the guys on here might have one for sale ( if you havent already got one that it) hope that helps
  10. wiring in digital climate control for s13

    did this converstion with my bro on saturday. went together fairly easily (considering we're not the most gifted when it comes to auto sparky's work). but like the man above said their should be no plug's left at the end of it, if there is keep searching till you find the right jack for the plug. & like the guy who wrote how to do it, just make sure you've got all the wires matching up to their corrsesponding counterpart ( orange/blue onto orange/blue etc etc.) if all thats done and no wires are loose and are climped properly you shouldnt have a problem. see how you go with that.
  11. A/C question

    Hey all, just did the converstion of the analog ac unit to the digital climate controller, all went in fine and wires matched up etc. the only thing that has got me, is that i've lost fan speed control? like all the buttons work but its like the motor doesnt know how to turn the speed down? could it be one of the wires ive hooked up not done properly? the only wire i have spare is a red power wire ( i think it's power anyway). anyone have any ideas? cheers all
  12. A/C question

    nah didnt have to chop any of the looms i got all them when i brought it. only wires i had to chop was the hard wires ( orange/blue, pink, pink/blue, pink/black & purple) & (light green/black, and dark green/yellow) they were the only wires i chopped. might have to have a look at wires as again and see which ones are loose. cheers for that mate
  13. What Offset? - The Complete Wheel Guide

    hey all, my question is, when i went to tyre place on weekend and tried some koya inox's on the front of my 180, the mag itself only sat about 3mm off the tein coilovers i got. which offset would be best whilst still staying inside the fender as i dont want to put any wide gaurds on it.
  14. Hey all, my 180 seems to shake at the front end when braking at any speed over about 80klms, can feel heaps of vibration through the steering wheel. would it rotors? or bushes? or tie rods? or any other problem? any help would be cool. Cheers
  15. Sat. Nav

    Hey all, im sure this question has been asked before, but ill repeat it anyway . when i got my 180 from japan a month or so ago it came with sat nav unit (minus actuall unit which tells you where to go etc.) anyone know of a chip so it'll read OZ maps, or is it just a cd that needs to be put in? where bouts would one find these chips/cd's? and how much if they are available. either that or do i just had to unwire all the crap in the car any help would be cool Cheers
  16. Head Unit Frequencies

    Hey all, quick question on headunit freq.'s. after making a new parcel shelf ( cuz stock one doesnt give off the best resenating sound) i got some 6x9's in the new one. just wondering what you people have your frequencies set to, to give off a half decent sound. (50Hz, 125 Hz etc etc). i cant seem to get it quite right ( might just my ears playing up on me )
  17. ^*^Sunshine Coast Cruise^*^

    hmm, luck we were turned around at that street hey pyro , woulda felt bad had i have not turned down the street b4 the police and then get stopped by them and checked over. ha its a shame media makes it out to be a hooning thing or whatever was said, but like others have said media always makes things out to be worse than what they are. and if you dont have a guilty concience (wrong spelling) you got nothing to worry about i guess.
  18. Fuse or Wiring Problem?

    Hey all, one of the guys on here had a problem with high beam not working, i have the opposite its drivers side headlight driving light that doesnt come on but highbeam does. ive changed all light fuses in engine bay and down near the pedals, even changed the globe. so is it fuse or wiring? any help is good Cheers all
  19. Fuse or Wiring Problem?

    found out at a price of $110 bucks, it was a wiring problem to do with the switch mech. with the headlights. kinda sucked that i had to pay to find out, but oh well. least my headlights work
  20. ^*^Sunshine Coast Cruise^*^

    I might be interested in attending, if my brother the putz (empti s13) gets some balls and goes , have to see if misses is feeling up to it but.
  21. Hey all, my 180 has just landed in brisbane, when i went down to have a look it had a few things that werent shown to me from the photo's when i agreed to get that car . ie: rust hole in boot lid, and surface rust on door strip next to drivers seat.should the company who imported it fix those problems @ no cost? or will they add that bill onto the whole lot? anyone else had these problems when importing? not been given the full details?
  22. Just Received an import and...

    close thread please
  23. how do ya go head to head with a ute? he loose control or you?
  24. Just Received an import and...

    in response, yes i went through a company. i received bout 15 pics of the car and an auction report sheet with its grading etc etc. anyways, got all the info i need now, ill do what the other said to do and deal with it cheers
  25. Just Received an import and...

    understood no hole was mentioned in the boot lid when the details were passed onto me so im going to have to look into that Cheers all