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  1. Hey all, My 180 lands in australia hopefully by the end of this month, It needs new wheels cuz the one's its coming over with are shite. Ive picked the wheels, some nice chrome starcorp trilogys and need to know which tyres are good or which aren't so good? so im basically asking, which tyres do you guys use for everyday driving. something thats low niose but still has the handling side of things. Cheers all
  2. Tyres: Which do you have? and why

    Well your post officially didnt help him at all! Its unlikely that he is a drifter as he is still waiting for his car to be delivered and he wants to get chrome rims! LOL... true... Well he can use my advice if he ever gets into drifting... hehe... Hurst the pocket everytime you buy new tread... hmm, as tempting as it sounds, i dont think ill be a drifter, 1st import car, so dont really know jack about 180's . Cheers all
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    Just wanted to say hello, as im new to nissansilvia.com. I look forward to hearing from seasoned members w/ advice etc etc. As i dont have a import just yet ill prob need help with tech info (another fault not really knowing too much about SR's) thats all from me for now
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    as my name says i have seen the light , scrapin the lancer for a 180
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    Sorry for the stuff up, prob should have read topics a little better. Anyways, this is my car, 97 Lancer. It's got wheels, lowered stereo etc etc. nothing flash, but does the job. Will have to post pics of my new ride when i eventually get one.