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  1. The Parents Thread

    I've got a 3.5 yr old girl, wouldn't change it for anything. Drives you up the wall, pushes buttons some days, pulling out hair, but at the end of the night when they are all cuddly makes it all good. Manipulative little bastards lol
  2. Conan The Barbarian

    Hey all, was just randomly scouring the net and saw this remake of the original. can't link youtube from work, but here is the imbd link. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0816462/
  3. where can i buy pepper spray

    just hope a gust of wind doesn't blow back at your mrs.... might f*&^ her up and not the "stalker"
  4. Pedestrians

    Hey all - if you had of been listening to the traffic report yesterday morning, you would have heard a car and pedestrian incident in lutwyche... A women walked out in front of my car at an intersection while was turning left, a car was turning into the street I was coming out of so I was paying attention to them to make sure they were turning and by the time I took off the women was dead center of my bonnet, only nudged her going 0-10k. But I think I'll still cop a fine, the officer who came along said he was on my side- so to speak and would make the recommendation that I don't get a fine, but if I do, it'd be as least harsh as he could find " failing to give way to a pedestrian" So yea that was my Friday morning... Great freaking start eh
  5. Pedestrians

    Nah it was a back street intersection - no zebra crossing, no lights, just a T intersection I see it heaps in town, 2 sets of walking lights, one will go off with the green man but people still step out on the red man signal
  6. Heater

    Generally using the heater on an ac unit will be costly.. If you're running it for along time, they do get pretty juice hungry in general on heating mode - generally atleast 1kW more than cooling Inverters are good as you've got the best of both worlds, you just need to be smart about when you use them, when it's real cold I set my heater to go on at 4:30am then switch off at 6 when the missus leaves for work, plus making sure you've got the right sized ac unit for the area helps too Oh and ducted units will cost a shitload more (1 for the unit & then the supply and install of all the duct)
  7. documentary junkie?

    If anyone is a fan of the foo fighters - back and forth doco is pretty cool
  8. fuel sender reading incorrect

    there was just recently a write up on how to clean the fuel sender. - done on a R33, principle should be the same though hopefully itll make sense for you link http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/363010-fuel-level-sender-cleaning-r33-gtst/
  9. Paul

    watched the trailer on TopGear the other week, should be a laugh with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost teaming up again. IMBD link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1092026/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hljxH-QJq1g&feature=related

    My boat no longer squeaks due to new control arm bushes going in, only did the outer for now atleast I now know what's involved with getting the pricks out Quick question - is a wheel alignment necessary after putting new bushes in?
  11. Milk at work ONLY for tea and coffee

    We've gt a milk and biscuit & fruit Nazi at my work - floor administrator that takes her role a little too seriously. Can only have one Piece of fruit, milk is only for tea and coffee and only 2 biscuits daily, she keeps the other packs locked away in her office...
  12. wiring S13 digital climate control

    as above and these http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1912&hl=digital++climate++control http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=278692
  13. Sharia law for Australia?

    never believe a man who wears eye make up...
  14. it always interesting watching these type of videos that go around - seeing how much they take before finally snapping, im surprised he let the little kid hit him first a couple of times, he could have just sat on him, breaking a rib or 2...
  15. getting concussed/knocked out

    I had a minor concussion from u16s league, was on the wing - had their second rower plow into me, about twice the size of me My head hit the deck, then he landed on top, didn't black out but had a banging headache Just felt groggy and seedy afterwards on the side line, trying to walk after the game was interesting...
  16. bov on hiace

    seems as though HKS have made the SSQ3 version for a diesel engine... bit pricey but... http://www.hksusa.com/products/?id=3855
  17. will r34 timing belt kit fit r33 series 1?

    you want the ECR33 kit if you've got the series 1 R33
  18. removing old tint

    if youve got access to a steamer - you can do it youself quite easily. with the blades as mentioned above, heat the tint up with the steam, then get a corner, start pulling, if it breaks, steam some more. only prick window will be your rear window (if the back demister lines work), scrape them and your window wont demist anymore. then get a bottle like you'd use to squirt water (ironing bottle) with some baby shampoo in it (5ml), squirt it over, scrape remaining glue off window. carefull not to gouge your windows. when you get new tint anyway, the shop will make sure your windows are clean by doing the above should only take a couple of hours at most (depending on how crappy the tint is)
  19. hey all, last few days the sneaky pricks have been targeting cars/ vans/ trucks - whoever, pulls into the Bus lane on Wickham St near the Valley. they have a camera set up just up the road to record you in the lane, then they get you to pull into Little St (just before the lights) so yeah just a heads up if you're driving from the CBD to the valley to avoid that bus lane!
  20. JACKASS 3D

    torrent available lads - normal tv (not in 3D) good laugh!, more sick shit in this one though but still very funny!

    Spotted silvieson on your way to ecc (I assume) Was in the taxi next to you going through lutwyche
  22. 127 Hours

    ive just got a bluray copy of this, should be a good watch read about those people fainting, but then again i heard people getting/feeling sea sick from watching master and commander. Ill be interested to see how this one turns out but.
  23. i got quoted 2g's for 2 hrs for a stretch 300C - and $125 for each 15 mins over. stretch hummer - 4 hrs $2150 - that was the black or white hummer, more for the gold (2900) but i'm settling for the run of the mill stretch limos $400 - more money for booze, honeymoon etc etc
  24. brake master cylinder seal or rebuild kit

    6U9000HCR32036837 - dont know how reliable that is (found on a google search) alternatvly - http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/128496-vins-you-want-fasted/page__st__2440 they shouldnt be too long to get back to you
  25. Disturbing Movies

    yeah i agree on i spit on your grave was expecting it to be more brutal, but yea, not as i expected (maybe the original was better, i can't compare)