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  1. Help removing boss kit

    throw the steering wheel back on and do the nut up most of the way hit the steering wheel towards you with your hands brace for impact

    watched this last night - like you said.. it was okish, ending is kinda gay
  3. sports injuries!

    was just watching this video http://vidmax.com/video/6702/Basketball_pl..._during_a_game/ fark that looked painfull whats your sports injury stories?? the worst i got was a concusion from rugby league. not alot but i was on the right hand side wing. and had the opposition's 2nd rower barrell straight into me, my head hit the deck, bounced up then he landed on me.
  4. Caliper prep and painting

    http://www.vhtpaint.com/anodized.html if you want an anodized look below are mine
  5. best self defence classes for chicks

  6. shit yea, it's going to get hectic taken from weatherzone website - 1:30pm high tide MIDDLE AND LOWER BRISBANE: Moderate flooding will continue to rise at Savages Crossing and at Mt Crosby Weir. At the Brisbane City Gauge (lower end of Edward Street and at Thornton Street), minor flood levels of about 2.1 metres are expected with the afternoon high tide on Tuesday and moderate flood levels of 2.6 metres with the overnight high tide. Higher flood levels to 3.5 metres (major) are expected with the high tide on Wednesday afternoon. Levels above 3.5 metres are expected on Thursday. (3.5 metres at the Brisbane City gauge is about 2.5 metres higher than the highest tide of the year at this location). Predicted River Heights/Flows: Ipswich: Reach at least 16 metres (major) during Wednesday; further rises. Moggill: Reach at least 15 metres (moderate) during Wednesday; further rises. Jindalee: Reach at least 9 metres (moderate) late Wednesday; further rises. Brisbane City: Reach about 2.6 metres (moderate) with the overnight high tide tonight. Reach 3.5 metres (major) with the high tides on Wednesday. Higher levels are expected on Thursday with the high tides. (3.5 metres at the Brisbane City gauge is about 2 metres higher than the highest tide of the year at this location). Further rises are expected at all four locations with continued rainfall.
  7. best self defence classes for chicks

    i'm gunna say wing chun for it's simplicity. yes krav maga & muay thai are good strong martial arts - however for someone needing to know self defence these 2 for a girl who got a bit of a touch up (unless she's looking at growing some hairy beans & f**king people up) i'd say are pretty impractical.
  8. Work shop and spare parts RECOMMENDATIONS

    stylish wheels & auto 86 Moss St Slacks Creek cheap Kumho Tyres! (except for option 1's prices, tried to call but message bank said the workshop was shut ) just got a set (for the olds outback) of KU31's for 195ea - 17/235/50
  9. Replacing air con compressor

    its not just the 4 bolts, the compressor works off one of the belts as well (as i found out when i replaced my compressor) there is a nut (a bitch to get to) up the top front of the engine which has to be underdone to loosen off the belt, then you have to contend with a big f**king circular bar that's conveniently positioned in the way. that was how i did it on my old 180 sometimes it's just easier to bite the bullet and pay them dude
  10. get your cars under cover

    a heads up http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/wrap_fwo.pl?IDQ20038.html
  11. Mitsubishi Challenger 95

    Hey all got a quick question my nephew has been grinding the crap out of one of his rear rotors on his challenger (seized piston and no pad left) - so ive told him he'd be better off getting a new set of rotors for the back question is - we've taken all the nuts of the back of the rotor, but the prick of a thing wont budge (if we pull on one side it looks like its about to slip off, but the front of the rotor looks like it's still hooked up to something, is there something we are missing?? I download a workshop manual for the montero (yank version) and it gives me a how to remove the whole hub, but the rotor should come off by itself yea? any help appreciated.
  12. Mitsubishi Challenger 95

    yea guys, he got it off as you guys suggested it was caught up on the drum shoe Thanks for the help & info. now he can try and atleast see if it can be machined out (doubt it though)
  13. Guard rolling / flaring

    Kevin does a good job on rolling, not sure if he does flaring http://www.guardrolling.com.au/
  14. might not be helpfull, but did you change the fuel filter after draining the shite fuel out?

    this guy does group buys on RDA rotors - $300 front slotted rotors i got mine through him. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Rda-Rotors-ebc-Pads-Group-t302461.html
  16. Mitsubishi Challenger 95

    well not onto the rotor (it looks like it's attached to the sheild on the inside of the rotor) ill pass the info onto him Thanks for the help!
  17. Mitsubishi Challenger 95

    would that be a hard line that comes down to the brake rotor (soldered onto the rotor and the other end goes up into around the middle of the car with a spring looking thing attached to it??
  18. Mitsubishi Challenger 95

    Rears are disk brakes Caliper bolts came off first moved that out of the way, then we tried 4 bolts on the back of the hub but that started pulling the whole hub assembly off, and there was one bolt left, so we undid that one and still couldn't get it to budge Might just tell him to bite the bullet and take to a break centre Thanks
  19. what is your latest purchase?

    new amp & foot switch Fender Rumble 75W Roland footswitch guitar strap and some picks
  20. Firework Shots

    hey all, I don't really get to use my camera a whole lot these days, but took the family into riverfire tonight and tooks some pics with my SLR (olympus e-500 with a 14-45mm lens) using the standard firework setting and a tripod. i tried using a manual setting, but didn't like the shot too much. So how can I make the shot better? i see these other firework shots, and they just look nice a crisp, bright colours, and bright. I don't think they turned out too bad, just think they could be better. the spot proberbly didn't help Any suggestions appreciated here are some examples
  21. are you smarter than a chinese kid?

    f*&^ing chinese!!!!
  22. Noise Under Dashboard

    as others have said it sounds like the arm that switches the air flow down to your feet & to your face. it may just be a noisy one nothing to worry about it, you'll soon know when it's failed due to all the air either coming out the vents up the top or staying at your feet
  23. currently running on a HP intel core 2 duo ,dual 3ghz processors, 3 gig of ram, 32bit system: windows XP pro 2002 even that is not enough sometime for the drafting programs i use will be upgraded to Win7 and 64 bit by the end of the year (possibly)
  24. Bank Cards-Scary

    Was watching a show the other week on scams. Can't remember what it was called but it had that guy from Underbelly as the narrator. Some of the ATM card skimmers are really clever. Ever since watching that episode I always suss out the card slot before I put my card in. yeah i always give the atm card slots a nudge to see if they are dodgey (specially if it's in a dodgey looking area) or a touristy area (say 7-11 atms down the back corner of the store)
  25. Bank Cards-Scary

    i had my old NAB account number stolen - don't know how, just got a phone call from NAB fraud section saying we've noticed a payment is coming out on a regular occorance from Texas, are you making any payments to anyone in Texas? said no and they closed the account. I asked them how they might have got my number as I haven't used NAB for about 2 yrs and they said there is a random number generator that is capable of doing it.