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  1. Freight / Transport PLEASE HELP!

    http://doortodoorcars.com.au/contact.htm?gclid=CIDPwZLmsKQCFQk2bwodU2EK0Q http://cevacarcarrying.com.au//?gclid=CKHdh5fmsKQCFQk2bwodU2EK0Q http://www.automove.com.au/?gclid=CIqGpaXmsKQCFQXObgodjicWyg
  2. sports injuries!

    those rubber duckies look fan whilst dangerous when launching through the waves. to the dudes above with the zipper bellies. - thats some hardcore scarage!
  3. Online Police Scanner

    theres a free iphone app for it as well, not much really happens, alot of ID checks from random stops. heard one soarer get stopped for doin burnouts up a wet road in brisbane somewhere. tried to hear some shit going down in the bronx, but nothing was happening.
  4. http://www.hellogoldcoast.com.au/carrentals.html
  5. wrx rally experience

    Hey all, scored a red ballon gift voucher for fathers day, so im thinking of saving up some coin to put it towards a half day out doing the wrx rally experience down on the gold coast. has anyone done it before? recommendations of laps? etc etc Cheers
  6. wrx rally experience

    sweet cheers for the info lads, birthday money it is to go towards it yea it's the one near jacobs well (pimpama area)
  7. got cardboard boxes?

    hit up an anaconda store down your way, just ask them where the box bin is out the back, they don't care how many you grab.
  8. www.lastminute.com.au they do flights/accom/holidays etc etc
  9. Firework Shots

    thanks for the tips guys, ill have to give it another go on new years for fireworks photo's resized as requested sorry bout that
  10. maybe some nsw bretheran can confirm... or go out there to discredit this... the story goes, that this guy was speeding down this stretch of road and crashed and died on his motorbike, and "apparently" if you go down this same stretch of road with no other cars visable (either in front or behind) and drive dangerously (over the speed limit - 70klms) this light appears behind and chases you. most of the camera work is dodgy at best from youtube. but ill let you decide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEEr42At1i0
  11. Hey all, the missus lancer has just started whistling (only faint) from the passenger footwell. happens when the AC is on & also when the fan is on as well. you reckon it could just be a loose hose somewhere inside? or a cracked pipe? any help appreciated Cheers
  12. Tax Return Time!

    I waited 2 weeks, got a letter yesterday saying your notice of assesment, followed by another letter saying you've been audited .... Ftml
  13. Aftermarket Exhaust retailers

    http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showforum=92 http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showforum=89
  14. law abiding citizen

    saw this tonight - excellent movie!. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1197624/ My link
  15. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    its cuz you own a legnum bro....
  16. might be old, but still a good laugh

    smooth pipe = smooth flow
  18. Car jerks violently under boost

    how long's it been sitting in "hibernation" for? could be a fuel pump issue..
  19. Tax Return Time!

    new tyres and one of these bad boys

    what...... you can clearly see it was a legit miss........ it was pretty piss poor ref'in
  21. places like toombul, nundah, inala (but thats about 45mins south) theres a place that the name escapes me, full of sudanese (about 10-15 mins out of town - south)
  22. i can see this turning into a northside/southside battle and on that note: - anywhere south of thie rivers sucks balls ahahaha i kid i kid, no but seriously it does..... suggest places around chermside/kedron (although f**k loads of peak hr traffic to contend with), bracken ridge, carseldine, bald hills, mango hill (if you've got the $$$)
  23. Copped a $200 fine for "unlawful disposal of litter" today - (ciggie but in the garden infront of my work), now i'm not whinging that i got done, did the wrong thing, didnt put it in a ciggie bin, but yea.... along comes this parking inspector asks me to walk back to the scene of the offense and then goes through all the EPA act about littering. so just a warning for brisbanites...... watch them parking inspectors, they have more powers!