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  1. Price : $800 Condition : Used I've sold the car to a mate and he doesn't have the balls for a proper 2 way. So it's up for sale now Was installed in my s14a non ABS with 5 bolt drive shafts (can be supplied if needed) Housing is from s13 (i prefer the solid mounting ears) S13 back cover installed but have r32 cover available The diff locks well but somehow managed to keep the noise and clunking down. This apparently has something to do with using synthetic oil. I put in the new oil less than 1000 km ago. Unfortunately I sold the car before i had a chance to hit the track with this, but my lose is your gain
  2. Price : $850 Condition : Used Selling my FULL 5 stud conversion kit off an S15. this is EVERYTHING required to do a PROPER 5 stud conversion. non of that cheap shit ebay special hubs and bearings Front: - Calipers - Disks - Hubs - Knuckle - Lower control arms - Pads are 90% - ABS sensor and plugs Rear: - Calipers - Disks - Hubs - Knuckles - Pads are 80% - hand brake cables - Drive shafts Don't bother low balling, silly offers will result in verbal abuse pick up only unless buyer arranges courier 0414 885 012
  3. Price : $550 Condition : Used Staggered set of Starcorp Impul wheels and tyres. PCD: 5x114.3 Front: 18x8.5 +35 Rear: 18x9.5 +35 Painted in matt black Runs straight and true. They fill out the massive guards on my s14 better than I thought they would. These aren't show quality rims nor are they top quality jap steel, hence why I'm not asking a ridiculous price. Price is negotiable to an extent but don't bother low balling. I express my opinions of idiots very freely 0414 885 012 thanks for looking
  4. Price : $200 Condition : Used Kit suits a drift pig. Vertex front bar Nismo edge side skirts Unknown rear bar 0414 885 012
  5. mate im after a 180sx kit. how's the fit and finish? which suburb are you in? i'll be coming in from Ryde Cheers
  6. does anyone who makes these typeX copy kits and if it's obtainable in aust??
  7. Cruise 5th OCT !

    pics from last night. i blanked out the std issue plates, but the custom plates i didnt bother seeing as everyone knows anyway. let me know what you all think.
  8. Cruise 5th OCT !

    hey guys good turn out.. i was the guy going around with the camera and tripod. i will be posting the pics here, so please let me know if you want your plates blanked hey vinh i think your car got the most amount of pics. and that fat 180 turned out good too if anyone wants the photos in original size, please leave your email and what car you drove, they're about 3-4mb in full resolution cheers hd
  9. be advised fellas... do not buy anything from liquidsound. 1. over charge postage by30% 2. no communication, very unwilling to give information or help with buyer 3. no product knowledge 4. very eager to ask for payment (too eager) but all communications stop after payment is made 5. does not post on agreed date. 6. constant excuses for delays
  10. i see...thanks that was much more informative. let the "HID no go list" begin. 1. s15 Mtech 2. 3. 4. 5. guys please add to the list with brands and sellers. this will benefit a lot of people. and save them the hours that i've spent trawling through internet forums and reading seller's opinions that they sell the best HIDs that ever existed.
  11. thought mtech were fairly good...better than a lot of the other kits out there... Zhong - cheers, i thought i'd see if anyone else has come across this before i buy more bulbs. eron, does that comment have any substance? did it take all your intellectual ability to figure that one out. guys im asking for advise, not worthless comments that contain no useful information.
  12. i know the s15 lights take H1 bulbs, i got an mtech kit and the bulb body is too thick to fit into the slot...what's the deal with that?? for lack of a better analogy (ie. not dirty) imagine trying to stick a sausage into a straw, or putting a basketball through a golf ball hole...use the imagination has anyone else come across this problem before? some of you may know the s15 headlamp bulb slot looks something like the following... --- | | ( ) | | --- the HID bulb is too fat to fit in there... any info/help is appreciated thank in advance hd
  13. hahahahah....today tonight...a current afair... it's pure ignorance... anyone with some form of common sense knows the hippocratic, sensationalist journalism that they call "issues" are nothing but a joke that is there to fill air time and appeal to those who are ignorant enough to believe what they hear and see on TV... dont worry, the fight will go on... it's been happening since the invention of communication, and it's certainly not going to stop... just take comfort in knowing that it's not a loosing battle...it's just a pointless one...no one will ever win...
  14. hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha....that is the funniest shyt...hahhahahaha