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  1. Canon EF 300mm f/4L

    Have you checked out the 400mm 5.6L
  2. What pseudo-DSLR should I get?

    Lumix LX3 Ganon G11, G10 If you're baller baller, you can look into Leica stuff Theres more but, yeah off the top of my head i was shopping for these when i was looking into it. 400D is quite small though I say just buy a like side carry bag and bring it around with you. so much better
  3. ★Club Outrun Japan 2009★ THE DVD YO

    f**k yeah!!!! THIS was the drift dvd everyone was waiting for!!! CONGRATS BRU
  4. keepdriftingfun

    Haha the video just got me caught up in the whole feel of things I really couldn't care less about the quality of driving! haha they made it seem like a great community! Despite the fact i don't like the general idea of USA it really makes me want to be there. Can't wait for the dvd to come out though it's definately one to watch out for.
  5. You guys allow people with cameras beyond the fence/
  6. keepdriftingfun

    Thanks A31 cefiro! i embedded properly in the first post. Yeah I saw the link a while ago but i didnt know they released a vid!! its sick though! definately captures the fun culture that is drift.
  7. keepdriftingfun

    For who don't know Will Roegge or Joshua Herron they just about are the best drift filmographers in the industry. They're currently working on a feature length film called Keep Drifting fun! This is something to watch out for! This is what happens when real film is made! and most of all this is what drift is all about! http://keepdriftingfun.com/ here's a snippet of their collaboration/work. and some links to their individual websites to more awesomeness. http://www.joshuaherron.com/ http://willroegge.com/blog/

    Yeah i love that guy and his sports photography is awesome too. he has two blogs. one for automotive and one for other sports
  9. My First DSLR

    pretty frikn sweet ass landscapes you got goin man!
  10. casey dhnaram

  11. Astrophotography Tips?

    here's a website ive been watching for astrophotog hope it helps. http://www.asignobservatory.com/ his guide http://www.asignobservatory.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=74&Itemid=113

    frikn sweet, whats the go with the rig? home made? pics of it?

    You're still living over there? lucky bugger.
  14. Price: 800ono or trades with 17-40mm F/4L Location Sydney prefer pickup but can send on buyers expense. Ive never sent a lens before so im worried lol heres a generic photo These are the older versions of the 16-35mm. Known to be bang for buck relative to its younger models. Theyre pretty alright, bit soft on the edges. The condition of it is well, its only got abit of scruffing from the plastic hood on its mounting area otherwise everything else looks to be of great condition. I can take pics of the lens if requested but its quite unnecessary. Also comes with a the hood. Contact Via PM thanks.