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  1. ignition help.. hks twin spark

    Praise bud-la tn
  2. ignition help.. hks twin spark

    Trying to avoid buying stock coils cos that would be over 1k for them and twin spark.. Andy the peper was helpful.. it stoped you snoring
  3. ignition help.. hks twin spark

    Thats not helpful
  4. Hi got a red top sr20 with splitfires. Made 317kw on 18psi but had to drop the plug gaps to .6 it breaking doen up high..will the hks twin spark work with these coil packs? Tried searching but got mixed answers.. want to speak to somone that has donr this.. if not what is a better set up without droping another 2k on a cdi setup
  5. Hey can anyone help.. s13 sr20det. Tacho is stuck off the clock. Seems like a earth problem but unsure where the earth would be.. Thanks in advance
  6. ods Delete - $2,000

    Loz love sasuages in and around the mouth
  7. Please price for to external sent to Adelaide. Thanks
  8. s13 onevia

    check your pm's dude bout the rest off the origin urban kit.. will look dope with the full kit. if your interested give us a bell matt 0401450930