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  1. I discovered the other day that all my intercooler mounts on my 180 are broken and the only thing holding my cooling pro front mount cooler in place is the piping. The mounts were pretty dodgy to start with and i'm pretty sure that over time they've just taken gutter hits and have just broken. has anyone fabricated their own intercooler mounts using home tools only and limited mechanical skills? I installed the cooler myself and i've done other jobs so i'm not totally useless but i obviously don't have access to a lot of tools, etc. any advice welcome. thanks
  2. 180sx leg/headroom

    im 6'1" and 100kg (so 220lb) and i fit comfortably. my only complaint is that you need to sit with your knees to allow for the wheel. this was an odd change for me, coming from a ute, but it's pretty common in most small cars.
  3. Wastegate Capsule with Adjustable Rod

    you want a wastegate actuator for an internally gated turbo with a spring rated at 12psi? depends on the turbo, but talk to HPIB or CRD - they may be able to help you
  4. oil in intercooler

    +1 for blow by. very common, nothing to be too concerned by.
  5. Removing dump pipe

    I bought a cheap set of spanners from superchatty auto and cut them in half so i could more easily access the underneath-motor side bolt. otherwise i'm not sure that i could've gotten in there. but yeah, soaking them is far better than breaking them and don't work on them while they're still hot/warm as they will be weaker and more prone to breaking.
  6. sounds to me like an intake leak or sensor problem.
  7. Front mount kits for S13s

    +1 for gktech. I have one of greg's exhausts and i was very happy with the kit and fitment. If the cooler kit is of similar quality it will blow chunks all over the other similarly priced kits. my experience with the fitment of a cooling pro kit was not an enjoyable one.
  8. I had a good Saturday

    ebay racing ftw! nice chart.
  9. SR20DET Engine Removal, Any Online Guides?

    get the digi camera out and take a shatload of photos - that way when you're not quite sure where things should be you have a reference. for something like this that must get done a fair bit, it's funny that there is no NS guide for it - wanna write one? good luck.
  10. nissan silvia s13

    i dont think its turbo. but it hasn't been "hooned" so it's a great buy yeah, +1 for inspections. also, figure out what every little bit is going to cost to fix so you know exactly where you stand. i bought my 180 with good intentions of fixing the little probs but costs piled up and piled up so what was a "bargain" turned out to cost as much as a neat one, plus i had to go through the hassle of getting stuff fixed or doing the work myself...
  11. Gauges

    yeah, speco is a cheap brand, but like they ^^^ have said, it doesn't really matter what value the gauge reads, just so long as you know the safe limits where they should read and that you monitor them within these limits. just be sure you do a decent install as you'd feel like a douche if you cooked your motor or something cos you messed up installing the water temp or similar for the oil sensors...
  12. mate i hope your not running 12-13psi through the stock sitemount (im assuing by your name you have a 180) na, fmic, 3" full exhaust, ebc, aftermarket fuel pump... I've just never bothered changing the bov as i figure it's $200-300 for a part that does nothing but make noise when i could spend it on something useful. I'm not too bothered about the theory that no bov kills turbos as it's a stock t25 that i'm ready to replace....
  13. turbos

    you'll need cams, like stage 1000. 540º/720º in/ex ftw. and nos.
  14. Matte Black S13 paint job

    i remember a thread afew years back where some guy got his nice 180 sprayed matte... 1st couple of posts were like "yeah, it's ok" or "nice" - people were too kind to say how dodge it looked. then it started and it was like 4 pages of people going "wtf!?!!? that looks crap"... don't do it.
  15. Where can i get a decent 3 gauge DIN holder?

    yeah, really keen to see some pics - i think custom is the only way to go. ph11ps, yours looks pretty good, but to be honest i cbf cutting up my shroud just to make a bit of plastic that just jap claim is DIN (when it's clearly larger) fit. especially if it's flimsy like alias says... alias, if you could post some pics it would be greatly appreciate. also a quick how to, or relevant any pointers would be sweet. cheers