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  1. Best wheels i've bought to date!! mine are 18's tho
  2. Pretty much, the guards are tiny.... 9"+30 is flush on em....lol
  3. Guards are rolled all round, no aftermarket arms only coilovers. At the height i have it now it won't scrub unless passengers jump in....
  4. New Wheels AME Circlar Fronts 18x9 +15 215/35/18 Rears 18x10 +15 215/35/18
  5. Awesome meet, the turnout was way more than we expected, now for Ricks vid and pics....
  6. [kaaz Master Shop]-new price update!

    Hey mate, I have a 1997 jzx100 with a B01B open diff. I'm after a 1.5 way Cheers
  7. Is this price delivered?
  8. Woohoo just like the good ol days but everyone has different cars hahaha I'm in Rick!!!!
  9. I'm in!!! its just like the good old days.....
  10. S13 Rota grids 16x8 +10 Jzx100 Work VS-KF 18x9 +26 18x10 +20 Cefiro Rota P45-R 18x9 +15 18x9.5 +20
  11. I ordered mine a while ago, although I must say I did prefer the S13 with J's headlights, All the other cars are modded to true JDM specs, why leave the S13 with the crappy projectors.... When I had my S13 I hunted like everyone else and changed over. I see your point, but you gotta admit the S13 looks awesome with the J's