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  1. Don't bother with all the previous suggestions, they're all Hollywood (even though Hollywood aint that great) compared to some of the outback towns in WA and NT. Try Halls Creek, Alice Springs or Fitzroy Crossing. There you shall truly be tested in the deepest of waters. Although I wouldn't recommend you going to any of them.
  2. Yep "man..... get your flu shots thats all i'm gunna say!!! "
  3. It was all made by Rumsfeld! (seriously check out the scare videos made in the 70s about pig flu, they're classics!) http://centurean2.wordpress.com/2009/04/28...flu-connection/ Oh and Buoy, normal flu shot won't do didley squat, doesn't even work for the normal flu after a year. All it may do is make it easier to spot when you have caught Pig flu as you know it wouldn't be the standard variety.
  4. Leather jackets?

    I love my leather jacket, dark brown/black, got it in Florence last year. Is my favourite bit of clothing. Lots more people wear leather jackets over here than back home, probably coz of the weather...and the fact that Euro's are much more stylish than Aussies.
  5. Woohoo, just got a nice Brazilian Jessica Alba lookalike's bartenders email after getting served by her for 3 pints on a glorious Thursday arvo in London (thank f*ck the boss is away, don't think he'd appreciate a 2.5 hour lunch), I think I got inspiration from this thread. Even just reading about it seems to give me confidence!
  6. Past relationships

    I won't tell her she has a big ass, even if she does.
  7. Why thank you random.chu. for another worthless post.
  8. Uhh, yes the actually do have governments in Africa and they're the reason the place is in so much turmoil. Can't believe some of these ridiculous statements.
  9. What an uneducated and ignorant statement try telling that to the people of France, America, Latin America, Russia, Iran, Thailand, South Africa and i can go on, who all have had revolutions freeing themselves from corrupt governments and oppressive groups in power. It is only the cowardly who are all two willing to give up their rights and be subdued by the 'MAN' that make statements like 'you can't do anything,' 'oh we need the government and police' and then ridicule those who do stand up for their god given rights to live their lives however they see fit WITHOUT persecution. Perhaps if you managed to make your way outside of your cocoon and see how the rest of the world lives their lives you would see how over governed, over policed and over nannied Australia has become with so many laws, rules and guidelines it is sickening. Australia is a great place to live, amazing landscape, wonderful people and a global position for prosperity. Anyway this thread has completely gone sideways and off topic. Not all Stefan's videos are political he has a number of other pod casts on a variety of other topics. If you like it then great, if not then so be it. or maybe we just dont give a f**k and are happy with how our lives are going and dont need someone to tell us this shit? "Don't need someone to tell you this shit". Haha, you sound like you're 5 and someone just told you there's no such thing as Santa Claus.
  10. your credibility just reached negatives. congratulations. I'm not trying to stick up for anyone here but most responses to Shaky Bones have been pretty throw away, sounds like a bunch of schoolkids have taken over ns.com.
  11. I would but i think he is married. Look I only recognized his intelligence and how much of what he says i too believe. But with the pod casts the message is put across much better than I can ever be bothered typing. I dont think society needs laws and rules. Just because there is a law against murder won't prevent me from doing, how i grew up and the moral my family instilled in me prevent me from doing that. And as far as protecting me, you have got to be kidding me. The Police can hardly catch a cold, they showed up once 4 hours after i called. And to this day haven't arrested the person who stole my S15 even though 3 people made statements and I gave them his name and address. The police are there to put an illusion of security, much like seat belts. anyway if you are happy the way things are going then good for you, but there is a reason why we are in a recession. im giving up, the ignorance just frustrates me, sorry. I'm thinking you gave up moreso because you had no decent argument.
  12. he sorta talks about how there are people like this because of rules and control lol yeh, people only kill people because of rules put in place by the government. On the same hand then, you think people would start killing other people just because they took laws away??? Would you? Didn't think so.
  13. Whether or not you like it. You have heard it. Have you not? b b b bird bird bird...bird is the word
  14. Hehe, you sound like the kind of guy who tries to talk to people on the train. The kind that people cross the street to avoid. Do you have a small bird living in your hair as well? I can just picture it.