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  1. Smokers of the Cigarette

    dunnie blues when the corner store runs out, stuyvesant soft pack blues go ok
  2. anyone here under 30s and earn over $80k+ ?

    a few of my mates dropped out in year 9, doing plumbing/concreting all that shit they are now all 26 and millionaires here i am working a stupid job at home, in the wee hours of the night, making just over 100k, thats after 4 years uni and 3 years work experience. if i could turn back time, i'd be a plumber or a tradie, those guys, although they are physically rooted after a few years, they have minions working for them and now they kick back and watch the money roll in. damn.
  3. will be there a mate will come with his s2k and another with a r34 gtr wonder what time ppl start queueing to get in?
  4. The Great Ocean Road

    ok sounds good thanks guys have three silver cars so it should be cool will be sure to post photos any good fishin down thatta way? I heard its great white territory
  5. The Great Ocean Road

    ok so the back road it is anyone have a name for the road?
  6. The Great Ocean Road

    nah more hard core than that Friday i knock off work at 6pm, jump in the car, fill up, and drive straight through the night have 2 mates in 2 seperate cars coming along so should be some good times anyways how are the road conditions on GOR? will my low piece of shit s15 be sparking all over the place?
  7. The Great Ocean Road

    ouch man!! rear ended not nice i see too you are on team DQ ive been DQ for nearly a year now 7 days to go im salivating!!!
  8. The Great Ocean Road

    will be going down in my s15 a mates r34 GTR and another mates s2k will take plenty of pics for yall im deciding how low to set the coilovers... hmmmmmmmm
  9. Hey guys after 359 days, i get my license back next Friday to celebrate im driving down from Sydney to Melb for the f1 (corporate box booooooooooyah) Then planning to head over to the great ocean road, have been there as a kid, but have always wanted to drive it any tips and hits as to whats to do? where to stay? how the roads are like? best time to go? I hear theres lots of traffic etc, so i am planning a monday or tuesday run through there and all the way through to warnambool please share your GOR experiences here? Thx!
  10. i get my license back in 9 days cant wait will hit up the fish anyways, las week cleaned up on the salmons at gerringong 5kg each have photos but who hasnt seen a salmon i miss this thread!
  11. Changing Fuses for a big system

    the 10amp AUDIO fuse in the engine bay...
  12. Changing Fuses for a big system

    ok, running a pioneer dvd deck, fold out screen bla bla bla. idont think the rest of the system matters, as i am running 2 guage from the battery. that goes into a distribution block and then 2x 8guage power cables into each amp the inline fuse is a 50amp ANL type, in a stinger housing. Streetwires RCA cables... its the actual mini 10amp in the engine bay fusebox that keeps dying. its not the fuse in the kick panel...
  13. Hey guys wired up a DVD deck and a decent sized system ... am finding that i am blowing the 10amp fuse in the engine bay quite often (not the kick panel) any harm in using a 15amp fuse? the 10amp that i keep trying to replace it with sometimes lasts 1second, sometimes 10 minutes.... my wiring is all perfect, soldered joins and heat shrink, no dodgy twist and tape Strathfield car radio styles.... Input?
  14. installing an alpine cde-9882ri

    make your own earth
  15. S15 drinking fuel

    same basic mods as u 380-400kms a tank of mostly grandad driving and a hit here n there 600kms on highway driving i think you need a tune, change ur plugs, clean your injectors etc then o2 sensor if it comes to that.