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  1. Looking for the stock body kit for an S15 in standard yellow. Would prefer JDM rear bar but fine with ADM too Located in Sydney
  2. S15 and S14 parts for sale

    What colour is the rear bar?
  3. Long shot but if anyone has one I can buy or borrow to fit the below design either tonight or tomorrow morning it would be greatly appreciated
  4. Price : $150 Condition : Used Contact Details: PM me on here. Location: Parklea, NSW Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: I'll post the smaller items from postcode 2763, you pay postage. I am negotiable on prices depending on what you're after. Throw me a price, worst I can do is say no. 1. (All parts have been coated in yellow plastic based paint, which will flake off easily if you want to go back to standard black, otherwise there are no cracks or breaks) S14 aircon surround complete with buttons/vents - $120 S14 stereo surround - $120 S14 gearbox surround w/boot - $120 Or buy all 3 for $300 2. S14/S15 Pedders front suspension - 1 inch lower than standard, still legal ride height, great ride - $200 3. TEIN HE front coilovers w/camber tops - front right leaks oil and will need a rebuild - 8kg springs - $100 4. Turbosmart Plumbback BOV - in great nick, very quiet when plumbed back - $220 5. Catback exhaust w mid muffler and cannon in fairly used condition. Sits up nicely but is scraped up from my car sitting low. - $50 6. Veilside rear pods for S14 in Concord Grey. Some scratches - $170 7. Standard S14 rear mud guards - $20
  5. will attend meet if theres one
  6. Can i sell a defected car in NSW

    5 years late buddy
  7. Thought I had posted in here Just did 3 months in South and Central America. In the past I've always used Travel Insurance Direct but never had to claim or needed assistance. This time I went with Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) which came out much cheaper that TID I broke my foot in Bolivia and these guys were an absolute pain to deal with, i wasn't even asking for money, just advice on what I should be doing and some basic information on how I should handle my injury. They were very slow to respond leaving me hanging for days and basically fending for myself in terms of medical care. On the policy paper it also said they had a reverse call number yet when I came back to Aus. I found I had been charged approx $300 for my calls to their support line. Upon emailing them to ask about this, they said they had no reverse charge number and it wasn't till I sent a fairly annoyed reponse with the original policy paper attached that they conceeded theyd take my claim on board. In the process of claiming call costs now (medical bills were minimal as were flight changes, god bless the 3rd world). I'll update here on the outcome. Cliffs: Don't go with Southern Cross Travel Insurance
  8. Sorry for the late notice as I know number were limited but just found out I have to stay back at work tonight. Brought my car into the freakin City for no reason > Hope the next class isnt too far off...
  9. Thanks mate Will have to drive to work and come straight haha Looking forward to it
  10. NSW Spotted Thread

    Nah dude, I used to train at Summit there for a couple of years. Just got back from Colombia and was checking around to see whta it was like. Im back at Rileys now
  11. Would love to come along to this if theres any spots left.
  12. NSW Spotted Thread

    Pewter S15 near Norwest today with Hardtuned sticker on the back Tried to gee you up for a little pay but no dice
  13. Youre probably sorted by now but if not you can have my old catback (not brand name) with cannon for free if you want
  14. Your experiences in SINGAPORE!

    Of all South East Asian countries, Singapore is where I have been least concerned about weater. That said just stick to bottled anyway