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  1. Aquarium Chat Thread

    damn these pics are so motivational.. >
  2. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    love the series can't wait to get stuck into the books after exams are over!
  3. What gear do you use?

    d7000 50mm prime f1.4 f3.5 18-200 sherpa 200R gorillapod still getting into it need some ext flash next methinks
  4. The random photography thread

    How much did you pick up the d7000 for if you dont mind me asking? Store/Online/Overseas? PM me if you like ^-^
  5. X-men: First Class

    Wasn't expecting much from the trailers so pleasantly surprised once actually in the cinema Pretty good movie 8/10
  6. $10 Test

  7. Random Picture Thread

    +1 very nice!!
  8. The Android thread

    got it 3 weeks ago. Hows the battery life?
  9. Live Stream for NBA Finals

    *bump* .. any reliable streams out there? (which you dont have to download extra software for)
  10. Wanna elaborate on how your using the android tab w/ your car stereo? got me interested
  11. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Hey Sid that shot of the yellow tang(sorry if thats wrong) looks sick; what cam and lense?
  12. Hopefully they've got the records to prove that you were there, try calling into the branch before wasting time off work to drive there etc. All the best