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  1. VOLK GT-7 is sweet I am getting that for my ride. I've seen one with deep dish
  2. so what is the old rim? what brand? volk? I wonder if they have one in gold
  3. The previous owner of the car was a COP. O.o I dunno what he did for the past 5 years... the car only has 26k on it
  4. boot install for your sub

    PM sent, thaks for the replies guys and girls.
  5. Damn 1k for front bar? does it include painting and fitting? Where can you buy it in Sydney?
  6. hey where did you get the front bar from? One of the best looking front bar I've seen so far I love the wheel on your sig. what's taht one? Great car
  7. s15 sound system

    is there anyway to install the subbox in the S15 boot and still have access to spare wheel? My mate from work has S15 as well, I saw his boot installation and he got no access to spare wheel, the amp is behind his rear seat and the sub is facing down to the spare wheel compartment... and he got compressed air can to replace the lack of spare wheel. I rather have a spare wheel on my S15, anyone has done sub installation and yet still have access to the spare wheel? I am trying to get some ideas on how the boot installation on my S15
  8. best car alarm

    any suggestion where I can get the QT install in Sydney (west area)
  9. boot install for your sub

    dude, why do I get flamed for asking the question? I only asking for experience from others regarding the boot install And by the way I own S15, I think you are the one that needs to get out of kindergarten before you jump into the conclusion
  10. best car alarm

    is the coverage really bad on QT? I was looking for an alarm system for my S15, the quiktrak seems like the best option or do you know any other alarm that alert you realtime when you car is being vandalised? Also few extra gimmick on the alarm remote will be nice too like lcd, remote engine start (good during winter to warm up the car )
  11. thanks for the reply, the car already has an exhaust system (I think the extractor still a stock standard one) I do want the psssh sound from the BOV though not loudm jsut street legal. the orignal.... got no sound at all.
  12. best car alarm

    with the quiktrak, do you need to have separate alarm system or just quiktrak is enough? Is there any other option for the best alarm system apart from quiktrak?