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  1. Random boring sunday

    I'm using a 550d currently. Yeah it was So it wouldn't effect the quality of the video? Nah the quality the same if you shoot on 1080P, you just need FAST SD CARD (get Class 10 if you can)
  2. Sidd Rishi Photography

    I am not sure as I don't wanna buy one and in few months 5D3 is out.
  3. yeah but that's because you are close by to the focus object but shooting on normal distance e.g. 2m away from your object, the background has to be far away to get a great bokeh, since their F-Stop is too low on tele
  4. casey dhnaram

    damn it, your photos are really nice... share some tips
  5. you know what I hate about this... the bokeh is not nice at all... but review says SONY NEX-5N is a good one. and you can get the adapter to use the Alpha lens...
  6. Random boring sunday

    If you shoot with 60D on 1080P, you need min class 8 SD CARD. I have class 4.... it keeps stopping after 30 sec, it ran out of buffer, the SD CARD is not fast enough to write the video.
  7. so after all the above...anyone knows when the iphone 5 is going to be released? LOL
  8. iphone 5

    so iphone 5 next month?? Or next year?
  9. I wanna do it as well lol
  10. Sidd Rishi Photography

    oh yeah I just remember that 5DM2 don't have wireless func built-in. I think 60D and 7D do not require this anymore If I get my 5D, I'll buy this off you Sidd.
  11. Some of my shots

    juggling either to get that or 70-200 F/2.8 II ... the bad thing about 135L is it's not weather sealed... I might get 135L then get the 70-200 later... but the 200mm is awesome for portrait...
  12. Starcraft II

    JUST finished it.... I wish it has ZERG campaign
  13. Kory Leung Photography

    PP was good lol how about cloning those 2 guys hahahah
  14. Starcraft II

    I'll watch youtube then.. BTW how do you beat the All In... with so many crap coming at you...I keep getting hammered when the queen comes to you.. even though I maxed out my unit to 200
  15. Kory Leung Photography

    Yay but the 2 guys on the left a bit distracting though...for me lol
  16. Kory Leung Photography

    love your shot man... the color just right.. vibrant.
  17. Some of my shots

    yeah too many cars... I didn't have time to take all should have come earlier... didn't even have time to chat... just taking pic all night lol I missed the 135L though, I wish I could kept it hahaha
  18. JDMST meet up tonight

    PIC in here or go to JDMST
  19. Some of my shots

    Pictures from JDMST EOM
  20. Best photo software

    I actually having problem opening RAW in CS5, it keeps throwing me an error message saying the RAW version is not compatible (or similar to that) but GIMP I think it's ok... FREE (I used that back in uni, it was not as friendly as CS5 but the new version might be different)
  21. My S15 Build- Shut the twin gates

    lol the white balance is fine but I always like the PP with cross processing colour . Normal White balance is dull
  22. My S15 Build- Shut the twin gates

    More pictures The rest can be found in here
  23. Some of my shots

    I've managed to get a photo shoot on Anthony's car (JDM20T) a member in here last night, here are some of the photos It started to rain but that didn't stop us lol. That's all for tonight
  24. My S15 Build- Shut the twin gates

    lol we forgot to take pic of the interior haha damn rain