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  1. Hey vrimz now has chicks and couple of dudes you can add infront of your car with over 1200 wheels to choose. link to simulator
  2. The sockitz powerpoints say their current is up to 2amps so yes will fast charge any device that takes less than that which is pretty much all phones. iphone is max 1 amp and ipad is only device i know of that takes 2amps. A phone will only draw what it needs to charge so no risk of too much juice.
  3. They make cables for the n95 its a usb to 2mm power socket. they have them here http://sockitz.com.au/cables/nokia-usb-charging-cables.html
  4. Yes they rock. usb car chargers! mind you if i have music playing via bluetooth, and trapsters gps running on my iphone it still drains rather than charges. tall order i guess tho to expect that ps powerpoint socket website is sockitz.com.au
  5. This is very cool. stumbled on these over at gizmodo (the gadget review site) More interesting tho was on the site info about a new universal charging format. Aparently by 2012 most manufacturers are going to have micro-usb ports on all their phones. So you can charge off computers etc like you can with iphones and few other phones currently. How cool is that. Can ditch all those stupid brick charging blocks that dont fit propery on a powerboard. Oh and aparently they charge ipads too
  6. CHOP Request Thread

    I know there is no substitute for photoshop, but for those not quite profiencient check out www.vrimz.com we have a full version where you can lower your car change the wheels, background etc along with a light version where you just upload your side on car pic and change the wheels. over 700 rims to choose from and growing daily. oh yeah and it's all free.
  7. We are on the app store. It got approved and released today, check it out here itunes link Clicky here PS. We are up to 550 real wheels in the system Here is a few screenshots
  8. We are still building it, still a few bugs to sort out before gets added to app store. It is based on the full website version here tho. www.vrimz.com
  9. Check out this quick vid. Still beta testing it but should be out soon. direct link here
  10. How do YOU indicate?

    I only indicate if it directly effects another driver period, if another driver is waiting to see where i go on a round-about i will indicate left off the bout. And there's turning lanes for everything else these days . if people don't know your turning in a "turning" lane then they should not have a license.
  11. Which colour tenzo's for S15?

    yeah no worries. just looks cool at that size. mm looks like dark grey may be the answer altho the red calipers on the other wheels may be swaying the decision
  12. Go check out vrimz.com you can load a pic of your car and change the wheels or you can use the few s15 already loaded.
  13. Ok i have decided on which rims i want. it's taken me a year and I ended up building a web site to help me decide. I'm getting 18" tenzo type m's for my S15, now the the problem is they just released a heap of new colours. Images below for comparison. only difference is my car has silver brake calipers. might have to repaint those once have new wheels black with polished lip Black Bronze Dark grey
  14. S15 stock boost gauge is illegal?

    hmm illegal to have gauges above the dash...... does that mean it's illegal to have gps tom tom/navmans stuck to the window over your dash. lot's of revenue available there occifer
  15. neat black S15

    will do thanks for the info. mind you I'm already scrapping the exhaust/muffler as it's 1cm lower than legal so dont want to sacrifice drivability for looks, what do you reckon? I did have a hotdog on it to pass roadworthy but the drone was terrible so put the old muffler back on.