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  1. my 2nd 180sx

    couple of new pics added to 1st post
  2. Anyone a motorcycle mechanic? pay etc?

    hey mate i'm a motorcycle mechanic by trade. I live in the NT tho so we all jobs pay alot higher up here. When i finished my apprenticship i went straight in on 26 an hr and then moved up to 31 when i was a workshop manager in saying that tho i went down to melbourne for a yr and was only getting 18 something so yeah pretty crap. depends where you work tho i guess
  3. my 2nd 180sx

    Haven't updated this thing for awhile.. Havent really been doing alot with it. just been pulling more and more things out of it. slowing cutting down weight while keeping it on the road. Got a few little things i wouldnt mind doing in the next few months to have it looking good and running abit better. Now that i got a new Iphone finally should be able to keep some updates coming along with photos. Got new 4pot calipers and rotors to go on the front over christmas and hopefully gonna move my intercooler inside the bay to shorten my piping
  4. Need Coiliver Wrench!

    i got 1 mate, may be the correst size. motorcycle shops definately have adjustable 1's tho if you wanna purchase 1
  5. my 2nd 180sx

    pic from a local drift day, hopefully get out on the track shortly
  6. My S15

    bout time u showed this thing off bilal... looks tuff bro!
  7. my 2nd 180sx

    hey guys not many pics of updates, but have since add' carbon rear garnish, dildo shifter and a few other lil bits an peices. Still in the process of organising a turbo. body mods are pretty much over just wanna make 220kw and drive the thing. couple of crappy random pics
  8. sr20det 180sx bog down low

    mate sounds like a very similar problem i had. Was my o2 sensor. made no power until i got into boost even then wasnt great unless i built the revs up slowly. just get a mate with the same car and park them side by side an swap 1 thing at a time. slow an painful but saves you wasting ur cash on shit you may not need.
  9. Hey Guys, Been on here for a fair while but dont normally ask many tech questions but i'm abit stuck atm and dont wanna end up wasting my hard earned money.. Basically i'm just building my late model 180 up to see the odd track/drift day but still be a nice street car. Car has ABS and Hi-cas. So far mods are only isc coilovers along with rear camber arms and castor arms and hi=cas lockbar. So firstly when i try to wind my camber out it pushes my toe in so far it scrubs the insides of the tires out and makes it very dicing to drive. To correct this do i simply just wind my hicas arms in (cant see this working as there is no adjustment in the traction arm). I'm only asking as people have said you dont need traction arms to set your toe but i dont see how someone care to explain? Secondly looking to upgrade my brakes with just some slotted rear rotors and a set of midnightmods 280mm rotors but i wanna retain my ABS. will aftermarket rotors work or will i need to get a set of rotors off a car that is equipped with ABS? Cheers for any help.
  10. Got Screwed Over Hardcore Styles

    Heys guys Wasnt sure where to post this but it has to do with work so here is my situation....I'll try to keep in nice an short for everyone. I moved to Melbourne from Darwin for a in the motorcycle industry (qualified mechanic) i was put onto by family. All sounded great over the phone, shop had been running for 2 yrs blah blah blah Anyway i get down there and turns out the shop front had been open for 2 yrs an the workshop was just being started, this was never discussed. So i walked into a bare workshop with sweet FA to work with did my best for almost 4 months until i finally cracked an decided to leave.. i was not permanent so i just told them that arvo after work an left for good.They weren't happy but hey thats life....BUT i made the mistake of leaving my toolbox there saying i would organise for it to be picked up an frieghted back to me. It was locked and had none of his tools in it. Anyway it sat there for 2 weeks until it was picked up. I finally get the box, unwrap all the bubble wrap only to find my ex box has drilled the lock outta my 3grand snap-on tool chest an stolen a fair few tools outta it. So now what do i do: A. fly down there and just grab my tools and fly back B. ring the police an hope they can do something (doubt this would work as its his word against mine) C. get a few boys together an make his life living hell for a few weeks (though this achieves nothing) D. take it to my insurance company and let them try get the money out of him
  11. My passion!

    this thing looks tops. very tuff
  12. my 2nd 180sx

    just running a tad bit of camber , once i get the car back its going lower an wider for sure

    out in sunbury, doesnt seem to be to many imports round here. I think ill bring it down once i got some room to store it.

    Hey guys just moved to vic still trying to decide if i should bring my car down here. Here she is anyway
  15. my 2nd 180sx

    wow good spotting, yeah its just an overlay for now till i can be bothered getting it painted. Just did the overlay to test it out see if it looked better an it does so now ill get it properly painted