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  1. just replacing the thermostat mate... i bought the thermostat today and they dude rekons i needed a gasket so he supplied me with one.. i thought it was just the gasket goo too but he seems to think i need to use this... i guess its the same thing except its using a rubber gasket rather then the goo... u think there's any need for the gasket and i should just use the goo??? man ppl at the auto shops are retards..
  2. hey guys, yes may be a dumb question but i've called around asking for a new thermostat and some places are tellin me u need an o-ring and other places are teliin me you need a gasket with it... confusing the shetttttttttttt outta me... can someone plzzzzz let me know. if there's anythin else im missing to connect up the new one plz let me know... Cheers...
  3. Mate those look like YASHIO tail lights (OR VERY CLOSE TOO) www.nengun.com sell them... they look awesome...
  4. BUMP on sale not working

    ahk fair enough. good idea i definitely agree with that but when i read the fole sale terms and conditions it said you could bump after 10 days if no response. plus i had a price drop n all so i was wondering why it didn't go back up to the top of the queue. thanks mate.
  5. Hey Guys, I have replyied to my original post in the sales section for where i am advertsiing my car to give it a 10 day bump but it is still appearing in the bottom of the list and has not been moved to the top. is there somethin i'm doing wrong??? please let me know when u get a chance thanks. here's the link to the ad: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=342687
  6. Nightclubs in Sydney

    fu% yeah how awsome are those tea pots... that place is sik and 1 of the very rare places i get into... these days its fuke% for us boys, cant get in anywhere except in joints that are filled with all these fu% wits...
  7. hey "Shypo" i was in negotiations to swap my s15 for my mates 180 cause im after somethin cheaper but my mate couldnt bring the $$$ in time... if your interested i wouldnt mind goin bak to an s14... i imported mine here with 29,000kms on the clock. it feels strong but i'm honest with ya man i cant guarantee the KMS are legit cause we all know how these japs roll over there... not gonna bullshit n tell u its legit because im not sure man but it feels like a smooth engine and has neva given me probs... my s15 already has all the mods u mentioned + much more... it's got quite a extensive list of quality mods... if ur after something stock then my s15 definitely aint the one for you... it's been built real tough from the dude in japan... if ur interested let me know, i can send u the list of mods n go from there... all the best...
  8. S15 Rattle Noise HELP

    i got the same problem mate... wouldnt stress about it... pisses me off too but u get used to it... i find it only happens when i put it in reverse... to get around it i just rev my car b4 i take off if ppl are around so they dont think i got a shi% box
  9. thoughts on jjr or gktech

    you must have done something wrong cause me and 4 other mates are running front flex pipes off gk-tech and we've neva had any probs... they are sitting as high as they possibly can... my car is sitting 90mm from the ground and neva has the front pipe scraped... the problem isn't with the product it is with the installation... quality is perfect...
  10. thoughts on jjr or gktech

    GK-Tech is the greatest... Me and many friends purchased many products off Greg and were amazed with the quality and service. Cheapest place you will ever deal with. Never had such great customer service as well. Super amazed with speed of delivery... Everything u would want outta customer service... keep up the good work Greg, hopefully the list of equipment u get keeps on expanding so we can cash in ur cheap prices ...
  11. New to the forums

    why not get a 180 or s14??? after owning a 180 i sold it and went and bought an s15. biggest mistake of my life... a 180 feels like a performance car whereas to me an s15 feels more like a cruisy car... Really depends on you but that's what i feel. I'm actually hoping to swap my s15 real soon with my mate and take his 180... don't get me wrong s15's are great cars but when i was in the 180 it felt untouchable and much stronger, i think the design and everything about it just makes it really feel like a performance car. plus u will have so much $$$ left over and that can all go towards making your 180 really stand out... Just my opinion, all the best with your decision...
  12. a realistic cat question

    nice point there, makes a whole lot of sense. i still got my stock cat sitting at home, might just bash it out and put it back in. this way i guess it still looks stock...
  13. Need injectors?

    IMO it would be silly to upgrade from 470cc injectors (s15 jdm) to 550cc injectors, there isn't a major difference plus in the end u'll always want more power and will upgrade so u might as well get bigger injectors from the start instead of having to buy 2 sets of them. Both are the same price so it would just be stupid to do otherwise. i ran 740cc injectors on my previous R32 and 180 and neva had no probs with idle at all... The rough idle would come from a tuner who doesn't know what they are doing. if he is claming 740cc's give a rough idle then he doesn't know how to tune a car with big injectors...
  14. how accurate is redbook

    Redbook is bullshi%. It was designed for insurance companies and dealers to rip you off... Every single car on that web-site is extremely underpriced. Never trust redbook, it's all a lie.
  15. a realistic cat question

    well fact is that catco is a better cat and flows much better, but for the price i don't think it is worth it unless ur tryin to squeeze every little bit of power out from anywhere u can... but at the end of the day and this probably goes for most of us; if money wasn't an issue then we'd probabaly all buy a catco cat... depends on ur budget and what u want... thing is all cats are restricitve whether it is hi flowed or not so ideally decat'ing is the best but our laws say no no...