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  1. I have some R32 GTR rear hubs for sale if you need some. $200 plus postage.
  2. Where can i buy Wurth clamps in Adelaide to suit 3" intercooler pipes?
  3. S13 Fuel Tank. Same as R32?

    Are you saying that the R32 plastic tank is completely interchangeable with the S13 steel tank? Bolt-in no mods?
  4. ISC Vs Koyo or Mishimoto

    The races range from 6 mins to 10 mins in duration. Water gets to 100 after about 3 laps and that is on a 27deg day. 110deg oil temps shouldn't be anything to worry about.I took the thermostat out as an experiment and it made no difference.
  5. ISC Vs Koyo or Mishimoto

    Running a Vertex copy bar. Oil cooler is mounted behind intercooler.
  6. ISC Vs Koyo or Mishimoto

    I have a PWR oil cooler fitted and oil temps are 110deg. I am not running a thermostat. The tune is good and there are no other issues with the engine. Would the Koyo dual pass N-Flo help to any extent?
  7. I am running a Silvia S13 as a track only race car and the water temps are way too high. On a 20deg day the water temps are around 100 and on a 30deg day, water temps are about 110. Car is making about 230rwkw and have shrouds directing air to a ISC alloy radiator. I also run water wetter and distilled water. My question is : does anyone have any REAL experience as to whether a Koyo or Mishimoto radiator will cool better than the ISC. I am particularly interested in the Koyo N-flo. I just dont want to waste money on another radiator and find out that it is no better than what i already have.
  8. Someone suggested to me that i should go over the block and head surface using 400 w&d paper. Would this help?
  9. It is a Permaseal head gasket that i will be using. I was assuming that the factory deck and head surface finish would be okay. I guess the next question is will the Permaseal gasket seal on the factory machined surface?
  10. I am about to replace the factory head gasket on my SR with a multi-layer shim gasket. Does anyone bother to use any sealant around the timing cover area to prevent oil leaks? I have heard that timing cover oil leaks can occur when using these gaskets. Thanks.
  11. SR20DE+T shopping list

    Just do it. I did. Keep the power down below 200rwkw and you will have an excellent, reliable engine. Great DIY project. Get the stock ecu re-mapped by someone competant and run some S15det injectors with a T28 and all will be sweet. Just keep the boost down to 14psi and get a GOOD tune. Good luck.