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  1. rate my meal plan

    mark rippetoe starting strength. 3 times a week. monday - wednesday - friday. i read hitting my macros way more important than what time of day. also i used these- protein If you are VERY LEAN or on a VERY LOW CALORIE INTAKE then protein should be higher: - Average bodyfat, lower calorie intake = 1.25-1.5 per pound total mass - Very lean, lower calorie intake = 1.33-2 per pounds lean mass carbs moderately active: 4.5 - 6.5 g/ kg (about 2 - 3g/ pound) fats Average or lean: 1 - 2g fat/ kg body weight [between 0.45 - 1g total weight/ pounds] currently weigh 71-72kg at 6"1ish. just looking to gain bit of size nothing huge.
  2. trying to put on weight. dont mind eating same stuff everyday i will start altering it afew weeks in when im happpy im getting my macros. cal pro carbs fat Breakfast oats (100g) 376 11 58.1 8.7 whole egg (2 large) 120 12 .2 7.6 Milk (300ml) 201 10.5 14.1 12 Morning Snack greek yoghurt (100g) 134 4.7 7.2 9.7 oats (50g) 188 5.5 30 4.3 peanut butter (20g)t.spo 125 3.1 4.1 10.5 Lunch chicken breast (130g) 198 37.7 0 5.1 bread multigr. (56g)x2 125 5 22.4 1.7 Afternoon tuna (95g) 73 16.4 0 0.7 protein w.milk (120g) 716 54 106 7.1 Dinner varies each night. 800 ish calories. always a protein source and veggies etc. ***************** Night time not really sure what to add here. Throughout the Day almonds (25g) 180 5.5 1.5 16.5 totals 155 230 71.9
  3. Google+

    anyone got a invite they can send me?
  4. buying s15

    Have any sr20dets made it to 300,000? I dont want to buy the car then afew years down the track the thing dies on me. Its either the s15 or a vz ss. Is there anything major that needs replacing at 150,000 service?
  5. hey guys, thinking of buying a s15 as a second car as they're going for so cheap at the moment. Just wanting some tips on what to look out for on one with 100kms+ is there anything specific that needs to be done. eg timing belt, water pump, etc? i am after one without any mods or with very minimal mods. I do want to buy one with full service records so i can see what has been done/ hasnt been done which should be a bonus. what is there to look out for at 150,00 plus kms on a sr20det. how long can these motors last when not thrashed? thanks- mog
  6. Adelaide Barbell + Weight Set

    was after a similar set to the 90kg olympic hammertone weight set that gym and fitness offer for $300. the 3 places you have mentioned ive looked at and all seem pretty expensive... i was also after an online shop but dont think there is any for adelaide unfortunately.
  7. hey guys, Ive been looking for a barbell and weight set in adelaide that i can pick up as i don't really want to pay postage from interstate as its heaps on a full weight set. Im after standard or olympic. 70kg-90kg price range is $200-$300. Does anyone have any ideas were to look? I have looked online everywhere possible for a place in adelaide and also for shops but came up with nothing. Everything is interstate. thought someone on here might have an idea. thanks!
  8. Iink doesnt seem to be working for me afraid! I didnt know which premium class to select when in the utility vehicle selection i got 2 different prices of $220 for 3 months And $277 for 3 months Hoping its the $220 one as $277 is a bloody joke! Wouldnt mind paying it if it went to the roads!!
  9. Hey guys, Just a quick easy question, Im buying a ss holden ute and cant figure out the ezyreg website to give me A quote of how much the rego will be every 3 months or for The year. Im sure someone will have one and would know the costs. Thanks mog
  10. Hey ppl, Just a quick q. Has Adelaide got red light cameras that sit ontop of traffic lights? Or do they all sit behind you as you drive through. The intersection I'm wondering about is botanic rd/hackney rd/ dequelette trrc/north terrace. Just down from the hospital. Also do they need signs where they are placed? Thanks -mog
  11. Chicks DO NOT find it cool at all. the only other people who find it cool are 3am cooked cats who are tripped out and just cant focus on the person shuffling feet... If it was that good, you'd do it at home to songs on the radio, but no it gets done in the middle of dancefloors hoping that other losers will catch on.... Big cooked male bonding session IMO, meanwhile my eyes are firmly directed at the passing tang alot of people in general think its pretty cool when you are good at it. and ive talked to alot of people in town because of it. im not trying to sound cool im just telling you the truth. also sounds pretty lame, but i do shuffle round my house alot when listening to music. i enjoy doing it and enjoy showing people how to do it. f**k i even taught my mum how to shuffle.
  12. back on topic for 1 post- shuffling has got pretty big in adelaide over the past year. although most poeple dont do it to hardstyle here more house. electro. anything with a decent beat. its also different to hardstyle shuffling, slower, some different stuff i havent seen people in melb do. to many losers do it in town now, so i dont like doing it all the time. but hey i have fun doing it and im better than 99% of the people that do it. lol. and chicks think its cool some of the time :]
  13. how much for ke70?

    would you have a rough idea how much the parts you listed would fetch round abouts? i dont have the time to clear the defect. so selling parts/for parts is going to be the best option.
  14. hey guys, i have a ke70 (well ae71 with ke70 front end) it recently got defected for being to low. Im about to buy a new car anyway so dont mind splitting it up for parts or selling whole. Just wondering if anyone could give me a rough esitmate how much i would get for whole sale and if i split it into parts? heres the specs- For sale: 1984 Ae71 Corolla Killometer's: 145,xxx Manual or Automatic transmission: T-50 Engine Type: 4A-C, good running order New Plugs, leads, Distributer cap, rotor button, oil filter and oil changed recently. -replaced starter motor -replaced break booster -thermo fan ( Wired to a switch on Dash) - newly fitted 2nd hand carby fitted by Rob body has a few shopping trolley dents but nothing major. Interior is really tidy just had a new carpet put in Ke70 front end Mods: Sports Exhaust with Shotgun style tips HKB Boss kit with Autotechnica wheel Pimp Golf Ball Shifter Suspension. Front. Cut stock springs Monroe Gas GT shocks 3 months old. Corona LCA's with Nolethen bushes Rear Sierra Shocks 3 months old Cut Falcon springs Wheels TVR Techno's F 14x7 +2 (with a 8mm spacer making it -6) tyres at 80% R 14x6.5 + 8 New Re-Treads Other Comment's about the vehicle: Tacho Dash, dash matt, sun roof ( good for summer ) the Bad Bit of a dent on drivers side guard. No Horn thanks guys.
  15. Adelaide --> Melbourne

    i was asking about hiring cars / taxi services? i mite just give up. none of my mates have even tried to sort anything out