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  1. awesome insite there mate....the mrs (or not quite yet - the fiance) doesnt mind me spending a little time away from her for an hour or so each day as she has her own hobbies around the house. Thanks for the advice though, I'll take it into account - not EVERYONE on this website is a 12year old wannabe champ No problem mate, don't mention it..
  2. Perhaps you should spend less time playing stupid f'n games and more time shaggin the Mrs, if infact you do have one, which i doubt.
  3. S15 vs S2000

    There is nothing wrong with a S2K.. There hot cars.. Good luck, i hope you find what your looking for.. If i had a choice between a S2k or a S15, id go the Honda hands down.. There is more to a car than how fast it goes, and lets face it, 200+ KW from a N/A 4 cylinder is impressive any way you look at it.
  4. Reminds me of that guy they had on TV, who admitted to being a pedo, even admitted to going to concerts designed for small children so he could take photos of them.. The mofo needs baseball bat to the skull pronto!! Sik f**ks should be executed on the spot..
  5. Girls of the Tokyo Auto Salon

    Yeah, coz she is hot!!! NOT.. Gimme Kate Beckinsale anyday...
  6. check out my myspace

    Lozilicious????? only a head a mother could love..
  7. Girls of the Tokyo Auto Salon

    I have to agree... Most of them probably sucky f*cky for $2 too..
  8. what happens with warnings?

    At the time, insults were rampant around the forums. We were cracking down on this. Everyone was informed that this was going to happen and some chose to ignore this... A simple example: The following is fine: The following would get you warned: The following would get you suspended: The following would get you banned: what if it was someone elses mother, not a moderators... 33%????
  9. what happens with warnings?

    A good friend of mine uses that phrase "SNAP" all the time.. Its f'n gay.. Just a heads up for you mate....
  10. Zoo weekly pick up article

    So how many times have you jerked off to the pictures of the girls in the article..??
  11. Did you camera come with a CD/DVD? If so, that may well have the software you need to use the USB cable to transfer video to your PC..
  12. what happens with warnings?

    You Trying 2 Make This Place Like SAU??? Good one mate, that comment just got you 33% warning!!!
  13. I'm going insane

    LOL, aka a di*khead..
  14. I'm going insane

    what do you mean by "GOING" insane...
  15. FS: Nokia N80

    usually if you want to buy an item, you would PM the person selling the item, and negotiate on payment etc, like all the others did. I hardly consider a post stating "sold for $150" a commitment to buy, considering your telling me ive sold it, and for a price we didnt negotiate. It was at that point i refused to sell my phone to you.. Too bad, so sad..