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  1. any original ns.coms still here?

    hahah hotlne that thing was the biggest hunk of shit ever lol oldskool reppin right here
  2. Yea S13 Silvias are electric and slide open 180s just pop up with the handle and locking clip
  3. Hey do u guys sell the vy radio bracket with the din pocket in one?? like u can get off ebay
  4. "What have you done to your car lately" thread

    LMAO Nice job chris hahahahah
  5. New Reality show about TMU... great

    Watched the first episode of it I reckon its pretty good, definately will be watching the others
  6. Michael Jackson's Memorial

    THE KING OF POP, that is all im going to say R.I.P
  7. Michael Jackson's Memorial

    Hes musical entertainment was undeniably the best in the world, no one in the music industry could put on a concert like MJ did, he changed the world with his music and dance, cared and loved for the world, in his spare time he also did a lot of charity work, he will never be forgotten and he will live on RIP the King of Pop and a Musical Genious ps for anyone who doesnt care about him, GTFO of this thread

    R.I.P MJ The king of Pop and a true music legend , your music and dance was the best and will not be forgotten
  9. Fast and the Furious - What is your opinion

    pretty good action movie i reckon, plenty of hot chicks and nice cars, was better then the others i reckon maybe
  10. NEED A CAR

    ooo i might have something for sale
  11. where can you find front guards?

    might have what your after

    what the f**k is she on about hahahaha
  13. A Bounty Placed on BennyBee's head

    a ban ey hmmmmmmmm
  14. Ok Soooo What Color?

    definately VE Magenta , would look fukn insane
  15. Confused with BF

    so harsh