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  1. Commitment to get back to how I was

    Hey man well done for the decision to change your ways, I was 111kg just a bit taller than you and made the decision to change started from my friends going to the gym and me thinking hey i can do that so I joined and kept going, my mates lost interest and went to the pub while I was in the gym squatting, deadlifting, benching etc etc. lost over 20kg so far and kept it all off. Im still 10kg off my goal of 80kg but these things take time i put on the weight in 6 years its not coming off overnight, just keep at it take a photo before and when the weight comes off look at it and use it, show people and when you get people hardly recognizing you that feels awesome.
  2. Motivation

    motivation seems to have dropped off for me lately to make matters worse i've just come down with a cold so not a good combination. The first 3 months on the PPP i didn't miss a session now it seems to be more of a chore, ah well ill try and use summer coming up as a motivation to get where I want just gotta shake this cold off. Oh yeah and old photos keep me motivated, never want to go back to that
  3. Halo Reach

    I picked up my legendary edition today....im a sucker for the special limited super editions, cant wait to knock off work...i played the beta and the multiplayer was great, now i need that remote control car that comes with COD black ops
  4. COD 7: Black Ops

    holy crap its looking better than mw2 in so many ways, some of the online modes look great, looks like ill have to pre order
  5. New protein!

    Got mine in WA after about a week I think, which wasnt a problem, im a fan of the vanilla taste and its good with water which is a massive plus The carbs make it a tad sweet but thats expected, overall a big fan so far cheers express
  6. New protein!

    I would be keen to give this a go, i need some more protein so i might just order some tonight, still $90 including delivery for someone in WA?
  7. Injuries

    Never broken a bone in 23 years of existence, but copped half a brick to the forehead as a kid it split open a bit, fell off a greenhouse onto a rusty nail and tore a few inches of skin nice scar funny thing was it was done with the round end, Took the top off a bottom tooth doing a back flip into a pool....didn't jump out far enough. Loads of cuts, scars and shit over the years as a mechanic, zip ties not cut properly leave a damn sharp edge.
  8. Hey Guys, I've just finished week 6 squat and i'm just wondering has anyone chosen a PB thats to light and gone to week 11 and done it? Im going to do weeks 7 and 8 but im pretty confident i could hit it now and move up or should i just stick it out? Loving the program by the way best $20 ive ever spent.
  9. Adelaide guys... jettts gym any good?

    Im stoked with our Anytime fitness 24hr here in WA, 2 hammer strength power racks with olympic bars and a good selection of weights, DB's up to 50kg, 2 of each Cable machines, chin-up bars etc, We have a jetts in another area but its all machines, no free weights at all. Only thing i would like at anytime are some kettlebells and that would cover it.
  10. Just had a read of the program and looks very easy to follow, its exactly what ive been looking for. Thanks a heap mate best $20 ive spent for a while. Looking forward to making progress and just being a healthier stronger person.
  11. PM sent with email address, i'll transfer coin tonight Cheers Dan
  12. I Made a bottle opener out of and sr conrod.....need a bottle to see if itll work and looking at my sr block wondering to sleeve or not to sleeve, pretty boring day really
  13. Cheers for the info Donny, im still sorting out all the details of how far im going to go with this sr but its more than likely ill source parts through you when im ready. Thanks Dan
  14. Yeh i think 80 seems to much to me anyone else share some light on this also wondering about taking a bit off the end of the stud i guess its something im gonna have to check see if it hits the sump and change them accordingly
  15. Hey guys, i purchased some ARP main studs for my SR20 im building a few months back and looking at the settings in the instructions it says to Torque to 80ft lbs, now i know they changed it from 55 to 70 or so but 80 seems a bit much, or will it be fine with a line hone? would be good to know for sure thats all, part numbers 202-5402 if thats any help. Oh yeh and do they still have troubles hitting the sump, will they need to be milled a little bit Cheers Dan