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  1. Hey everyone, Which countries do you need a VISA for in South America? Looking at staying about 2 weeks max in each country
  2. South American Countries

    Thanks so much for the informative replies guys! It shows that not everyone on NS.com is out to flame and be jerks. I will have to look into it a bit more before i go. As far as speaking spanish goes, im terrible so will have to learn a few words to help me get out of trouble. Thanks again
  3. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Located in Templestowe, Melbourne. i can send a picture via PM
  4. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Hey everyone, i have a 6ft(L) x 2.5ft(H) x 2ft(W) fish tank for sale. 12mm glass comes with Black stand with cupboards and hood. Comes with 4ft light, net, 2x water airater and air stone, pipes for an external filter. Everything in great condition. $600 if anyone is interested
  5. car is a stock S15. with cat back exhaust. Occasionally after driving the car when you pull up at a set of lights or stop moving instead of the idle returning to the normal idle speed (800rpm) the car drops down to about 500rpm for about 2 seconds then returns to normal speed. If you give it a rev when at 500rpm it revs fine. Doesnt happen all the time, just sometimes. Spark plugs been replaced recently, didnt fix problem, im going to refit the stock exhaust and see if problem persists. Any one had this problem before?
  6. General chit chat thread!

    Went up through the black spur today, cops were everywhere! got pulled over 4 times. In our group there was 2 defect notices, 3 fines and 3 written warnings handed out. Expensive day
  7. Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle

    That is amazing, i didnt think it was possible....until now
  8. General chit chat thread!

    That was a very good clip!
  9. How to filter

    Amazing, What bike is it? I see 299 on the speedo....
  10. how to insult an entire room full of kents

    Haha that was great!!!
  11. stacks...

    Love watching good stacks! Not looking forward to when its me doing the stacking....
  12. How to filter

    That is insane!!!
  13. CBR250RR 1998 Fireblade

    I had a single R version when on my L's. Very good bikes for learning mine was 89 and still went hard and had no problems with it. As long as they are in good condition they shouldn't loose much value. around 4k is good.
  14. Stretch marks

    I have heard bio oil is good, but can not confirm results
  15. What gear do you wear while riding?

    Always wear Helmet (obviously), gloves and jacket. Pants and boots not all the time, i know i should though.
  16. The biker nod

    I nod all the time, but rarely get a nod back! Never nod to scooters though.
  17. 05' CBR 600RR

    Hi all, Started up the bike today (cold start) and when warming up from about 30 - 60 degrees on the temp display, white smoke was coming out of the exhaust, it started off with a little then progressively got worse and worse until about 60 degrees then stopped. Bike has never overheated. Rides fine. Anyone know of a possible cause? Hope it isn't anything major...
  18. 05' CBR 600RR

    I ride it 2 or 3 times a week, not very far rides. It does sit for a few days at a time though. Still having the same problem with the white smoke at start up.
  19. 05' CBR 600RR

    Just started it up again, and it was still there but not as much. Been busy today so will have a good look tuesday. Thanks for the reply Danny_s15
  20. S15 idle dropping

    Its a manual car. How do you adjust the IAC valve? I will check for leaks but i have been looking and nothing seems out of the ordinary. I cleaned the AFM but still the same. When the car goes down to 500rpm it does feel as if it will stall but never does.
  21. Autotmotive - Technicians, Apprentices

    being a mechanic was the worst decision i have ever made. The job is not worth the pay and not worth screwing up your back for. that is why i quit. plus i worked at a shit place.
  22. Number Plate Flipping

    I did that on my bike for about a year until one morning i was riding and got pulled over the the police and copped a $200 fine and 3 points. Havn't done it since.
  23. Who here rides?

    i have a CBR250, a KDX200 and a HUMMER250. dont really ride the dirt bikes much but the CBR gets out a few times a week. they actually go pretty hard for a 20yr old bike. i have a full licence but the money needs to be saved for a house although i would love a 600RR.
  24. In one end out the Other

    if you shit more than once a day the argument could be that its an unfinished shit, unless of cource your doing these king kong style ones im hearing about...
  25. Are these just wank?

    they look good, if you can get them cheap why not? sell them if you change your mind.