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  1. squeaking engine

    could be your flange gasket squeaking or your harmonic balancer. they are both squeaky mofo's from my experience.
  2. most likely is your syncros wearing man, it sucks
  3. Install Tacho

    behind the cluster is the best bet, get a scotch lock and your sweet.
  4. What to look for in a helmet?

    get one which is a nice fit and hasnt been hit before.
  5. painting my 180sx

    if your going to paint it, make sure you have all your body work sorted out first (bodykit if you want one) to save yourself money in the long run
  6. 21, still live at home and loving it.
  7. Wet Carpet

    just make sure its not a leaking heater core
  8. engine painting

    paint it a grey or black colour
  9. track car or street?

    just have a street car, keep it nice and you will SAVE MONEY!!! otherwise get a pig. up to you
  10. S15 boot lid issue

    yeah man happens to me 2!
  11. Eeewww Fat Back

    get some pics fo show
  12. looks really nice over the bonnet
  13. Skinny Jeans on guys

    i just dont get it... there weird
  14. Gear Change

    take your foot off the accelerator when you change gears.
  15. yeah mate im a mechanic aswell working for peugeot and its just shit, the pay is terrible. mines for a year or 2 should help get some money behind you.
  16. bought a 250cc thumpster

    there a good bike for the money you spent, i have one and i dont go riding that much so i dont feel the need to spend big on a bike a hardly use. for $800 its good, just dont jump them.
  17. Yamaha YZ125

    did the kick starter snap off or is the circlip missing that holds it on?
  18. choice of road bikes for L's

    why is everyone bagging CBR's, i have one and think there very good bike to ride.
  19. bigger, stronger, faster

    i have been looking for this, thanks for posting it up. its not to bad to watch but my computer chair isnt very comfy after an hour...
  20. leave the diff on the car dude.
  21. s15 or type x

    S15 for sure!
  22. S15 clutch skreweddddd

    i always thought you couldnt machine a dual mass flywheel??
  23. sr20 red top to blk top

    i would also like to no this answer as im about to help a friend this weekend with the same thing
  24. Wat job will pay more than 80k

    the mines seem like a pretty good way of earning big money, wouldnt be a long term thing though if you can sacrafice a year or two and just save as much as you can that would help you set yourself up. thats my plan anywayz