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  1. best plate i have ever seen BCHPLZ
  2. S15 Rattle Noise

    you cant machine a flywheel on a s15 because its a dual mass flywheel (it moves a little)
  3. hows this for

    sorry to hear man, but fight her, dont let her get away with it. i was sitting in my car after work one day and a van pulled up into a driveway opposite me and started to reverse back (so he could turn around and go back the way he came) i was watching him the whole time and had my hand dowm on the horn beeping whislt he was reversing back, he heard me beeping and stopped but then just kept going the hole time my hand was on the horn. he hit me then took off!! i had to chase him for about 200m he only stopped because of another car in the road. long story short i got his name and details which turned out to be false, but luckily i got his plates. took me 3 months of hassling and finally he paid up and got my car fixed.
  4. what are u drinking tonight ?

    man wish i was back in thailand, so cheap. but if i was there then id be hitting the buckets!!
  5. sr20det alowed on Pplates

    then your sweet, you can get a turbo.
  6. bring back sooo many memories. good times back then when nothing really mattered
  7. ive got his in my gearbox (s15). cant remember what grade but it was nice blue colour if that helps. i think yellow colour in superlight shockproof. apparently works wonders if you have slight syncro problems. my box still feels the same (lol) but donno if its good to keep thinner oil in there for a long time??????
  8. hey all, i have been reading up about the stock bovs on an s15 and found out that when you block them (most people use a lil screw) you get a lil flutter with stock boost. basically my questions are is this ''bad'' for the bov or turbo? and where does the flutter come from/ how loud is it? i want to do this but DONT want to ruin anything in the process anyone done this?
  9. s 15 stock bov

    im getting convinced to try this, prob try it tomoz but i donno. ive got a pod so hopfully da flutters will sound nice. how loud is it??
  10. This one is nice and deep

    man i no exactly how you feel, 2 weeks ago i left my car outside a friends house and when i went to leave i saw dat ma car got keyed!!! there was no cameras in the area so i will neva find who did it. there is no respect in this world, who does sh*t like that?????
  11. hey all, on ma s15 cluster regarding the temp guage the light behind it does not work anymore, the guage itself works fine just the light behind doesnt. i have taken the cluster out and there is no globes directly behind the temp guage, all the globes around that area work fine though. i am a little puzzled and its really anoying when driving at night any help appreciated
  12. just wanna no the best place in the engine to hook up the boost line. any help appreciated
  13. boost guage

    thanks boys, hooked it up. works mint!
  14. does anyone no how to install a 5'' tacho into s15?? ive got the lights figured out but cant seem to find where the wire goes to actually get the tacho to work if anyone nose a special spot in an s15, back of cluster maybe??? please help out