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  1. Epic car fail thread

    The Celica reminded me of my first car, back in the days of the Fast and the furious and Autosalon shows that inspired me to have as much shit as possible on my car. Asians used to get off on it and girls loved it (probably because they thought it would be perfect for them to drive around in). Even had people ringing me asking how much the wrx was when I was selling it Unfortunately I did not destroy all evidence, but wish to share. Have not seen it anywhere since I sold it (to an asian)
  2. I can't stop jumping stuff e.g. motor bikes, 4x4's, jet ski's and bmx's. Love the natural terrain, especially mountains.
  3. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    He's also epic catholic and doesnt want his daughters raging on any cock till Marriage. So you'd want to vote him last, so his daughters feel ashamed and end up gaging schlong 24/7 Theyd alreay suck some meat let be honest I've seen many 'religious' girls like that who end up smoking pole like their life depends on it due to spending most of their early teens being told how wrong it is. Interesting Teachers are having a rally tomorrow in W.A., in relation to Colin Barnett wanting to cut funding to government schools and associated employees. Looks like I will be heading to government house with my banners and maybe jumping in the mosh pit/ pit of death.
  4. With the election fast approaching, I'm curious to know who people are voting for and why? I'm not 100% sure yet and really think it is between a turd sandwich and a douche bag.
  5. tries to get his family members drunk, so he can get with them
  6. New age drifters

    The guy at 1.26 has got swagger. http://youtu.be/TRBLmogRL4c
  7. Man Of Steel (2013) - I approve!

    If they ever do a remake of the Dragonball z film, they need similar fight scenes to those in Superman. I can just imagine it now
  8. Was arrested last night at the state of origin.
  9. Drifting quitters

    I ended up getting rid of my car when i first moved out and it was the best thing I have done in my life It allowed me to get settled in with the Mrs and I eventually purchased a dirt bike which I ride nearly every weekend with friends or at the track. I have got over having a drift car, but are looking at getting a track bike to get my fix of speed and being at the track. Haven't decided if I will get another track car. The ease of transportation, repairs and storage of a bike is so much easier for me.
  10. eBay seller help!

    I ended up not receiving an item once, left it too long to file a dispute and was filthy at them. I ended up getting the package a couple of months later and the original sticker that had my details on it, had been half printed. The item ended up being sent back overseas to them and then re-posted. Contact them, it could be legit.
  11. Is that a real baseball? Thats insane!
  12. sheds/man caves

    Would love a Rob Dyrdek, Travis Pastrana, or Ken Block style warehouse. Somewhere that I could have fun and work on toys when required... or hide from the Mrs
  13. How long does it roughly take to shave using the old school method?
  14. I am also looking at having a child in the next year or two and have made a deal with the Mrs, that will allow me to continue with my hobbies. Money wasn't really a problem, but I always felt bad buying cool toys for myself. In the end i decided to work multiple jobs, where any extra money I made would be used for cool stuff and i wouldn't feel like i was wasting our 'food' money or whatever. There were a shitload of jobs on gumtree that I picked up and I ended up working some weekends and even weeks during the school holidays. Like most people in this chat, the thought of getting rid of my toys is hard (in my case it's now fmx bikes and motocross race bikes). Due to the money I have spent on them, parts I have attached and my liking to each one, I now just keep them. When I think a bike has had enough, I strip it down, clean everything, carry the parts upstairs and reassemble the bike in my office lol. This might be a bit hard with a car, but the bikes are now mere ornaments beside my desk.