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  1. New cans, Ultrasone Pro 900, got them for $400 delivered from USA, cant stop listening to em, even old songs/mixes are fkn epic with these. All me mates bought beats by dre without doing their research, these will shit all over em
  2. SSD running slow

    mine was 7.3 i just redid the test and now its 7.6 after 2 months of usage and about 40% full. my secondary HDD is a WD 2tb black, and i usually install normal games on that, i only install the games i play the most on my SSD like BF3, HON, once diablo3 comes out etc. Games still load pretty quick off my WD Black.
  3. Alright, cheers for all the info guys. got alot of questions answered
  4. Time for a new G card for my pc

    Out of the cards on that site i would suggest the gigabyte one from personal experience, thats the one i got and no issues so far. the asus one seems a bit overpriced for what it is, its a tiny bit slower than the gigabyte aswell. Another thing to note is that the asus one is thicker too so its not as good for crossfire (less room between cards = more heat)
  5. Time for a new G card for my pc

    No one knows, but if i had to take a wild guess i'd say most likely Q1 2012. personally i dont think its worth waiting for because right now nothing really pushes my single 6970, unless i wanted 80+fps in bf3 or something. i play bf3 now really smooth and stutter free so im guessing its around 50-70fps. Hypothetically, once a 7970 comes out it could be $800+, but i doubt it would be twice as good as a single 6970, however by that time the 6970 will be alot cheaper and i can buy another one for crossfire. since crossfire and SLI scales so well these days(adding a second card literally increases graphics performance by nearly 100%) so to be honest, no game will stress a crossfire 6970 till maybe 2013/2014. BUT, if you have alot of money to spare and dont mind paying a huge premium for the 7000 series once its out then thats fine too, u just have to endure playing bf3 with gfx lag for the time being.
  6. my real name spelt backwards, bit cheesy though
  7. Time for a new G card for my pc

    if your in melb, buy from CPL (www.cpl.net.au) their prices are on par with MSY so pretty much the cheapest u will find in VIC, i like CPL over MSY because they have a bigger catalogue of products compared to MSY, especially on graphics cards. They got 2 stores, 1 right next to the city in north melbourne, and one in notting hill (forster road exit on the monash freeway). It's also a good idea to call them up to check if they have wat you want in stock.
  8. Time for a new G card for my pc

    alright, if thats the case then personally i would recommend 2x 6970s as long as your case has a good ventilation system, eg. 2x intake 2x exhaust fans which is fairly standard on performance cases. Also, look for 6970s that have revised cooling systems, i got a 6970OC from gigabyte which uses their Windforce3 cooling system and its quite good. My card is really long though, it goes into the HDD bay which i dont use anyway, so make sure u got enough room if you plan on the 6970
  9. Fuel consumption

    type-x fairly stock full tank i can get 550-600 driving mainly on the highway, 400-450 on mainly 60-80km/h roads with heaps of traffic and lights
  10. Time for a new G card for my pc

    6990 is two 6970s on one board. GTX 590 is two shrunk 580s on one board. So which is best bang for buck? have the psu to run anything and the space whats your budget? For $500 u can get 2x 6950s and outperform a gtx580 which is $600+ by quite a margin if moneys not a concern then 2x 6970, 2x gtx580, gtx590, 6990 are quite similar in performance, the 2x configurations will do slightly better but you need to have enough room in your case and heat could be an issue if u dont have a good ventilation system. if you run 2 cards u need atleast a 800w PSU, 1 card your looking at 600w-ish
  11. does the program merge the ssd and hdd into one partition? oh and im planning to crossfire soon so i dont think i got enough room at the pci-e slots
  12. yeah sorry guys, to be honest i dont have a set routine just yet coz the gym im at is really small and packed and since im changing gyms in 4 days i dont have a routine just yet, i just use what ever machine, weights are available and make sure i work each muscle group with 3 different kinds of exercises. I almost fainted yesterday after doing 3x20 115kg leg presses even though i tried breathing the best i could, im guessing my cardio vascular system needs more work. Does 115kg sound right for a beginner? because any less than 115kg i can keep going after 20 reps. Another issue i got atm is that for example im planning to bench 3x8 of 50kg, am i suppose to fully max out myself on my first set of 8 reps? like the 8th rep is the last one i can possibly do. I ask this because usually when this happens, i find it hard to do another 8 reps on my 2nd and 3rd set. So im wondering if this is the way to do it, or if i should lower the weight so i can consistently do 8 reps in 3 sets. I tried googling but the question is too vague and i cant seem to find any info on this
  13. Building new desktop

    Unless your a millionaire, that system is an overkill. But what ever floats ur boat I guess. At least get a bigger secondary hdd, I don't think 600gb is enough. Since you want 2 ssds u should get a 2tb hdd for storage.
  14. thats fkn epic... anyone want to buy a 2 month old 128GB OCZ vertex 2 for $150???
  15. Time for a new G card for my pc

    your tower is already built? i was gonna say 16gb ram and watercooling is a bit of an overkill. for the gfx card, i'd recommend a 6970, its what im using now and i play bf3 on pretty much everything ultra except i turn MSAA off and tone down occlusion a notch. it runs really smooth im guessing around 50-70fps. 6 months later u can always buy another one and crossfire it up. mines a gigabyte OC version which is 385 right now, generic ones are alot less so yeah.