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  1. evo 8 recaro seats for sale

    ^ from my experience pack and send are pretty pricey. Try E-go. I sent a pair of gtr seats to NSW from SA a while ago and they were by far the cheapest.
  2. things that annoy you

    1) people who slurp their drinks. Every drink.. "sluuuurrp....'aaah'." then a minute later "sluuuuurp..'aaah'." 2) chronic sniffers. If your nose is runny, BLOW IT don't sniff constantly the whole time you're talking to someone. It's gross. I've encountered both these today
  3. things that annoy you

    continuing on from my previous whinge, asked a seller what width and offset the wheels are, get this: "No idea they came off a r33 and are a dragged offset" I give up... but then I had the same problem selling a set of wheels. I had all the info and I constantly got asked "will it fit my car?" or "what types of cars will they fit?" Why can't people do their own research first, work out what they need and then look for it. Or am I being unrealistic with my expectations...?
  4. things that annoy you

    ^ +1 to that but replace aftershave with perfume.. And people who advertise wheels for sale but don't list the width or offset. Then when you email them and ask for that info they go "dunno, but they looked drift-spec" I can understand that if you didn't put the wheels on you might not know the offset but not knowing the width?? These are important factors when buying wheels
  5. CA S13 Boot Spolier - SA

    Hi everyone I came across my old boot spoiler from a CA S13. It's still in good condition, lights worked last time I checked them. Jungle Green colour. $20 pick up from Morphett Vale I don't have a pic on me right now sorry, I will upload one later 0413528472 Cheers, Jo
  6. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    For sale - stock boot spolier from a ca S13. In good condition, lights still work, forrest green colour. $50 ono. buzz me if you're interested 0413 528 472
  7. things that annoy you

    Neighbours who constantly play their music - no matter what time of the day - so loud we can hear it inside the house with the doors shut. And it's not even good music! If I want to listen to Rod Stewart singing live I'll go to one of his goddam concerts! I don't need to hear the crackly muffled version you blast into our yard! And neighbours with yap dogs...small, shitty yap dogs. Open the back door..."yap...yapyapyapyapyap..yap-yap,yappity" Scuff my feet on the concrete outside.. "yap...yapyapyapyapyap..yap-yap,yappity...yap" Sneeze... "yap-yap-yap-yap-yapppyapyap" and god forbid I walk within a metre of the fence... "YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP-YAPYAPYAPYAP YAP-YAPPITY-YAP-YAAAAAAP...AARF...AARF..AARF" Shits me to tears... disclaimer: If you have a yap dog - soz. I'm sure yours is lovely
  8. +1 to that ^ Next time something like this comes up get on it! It's awesome fun, the drivers are all great (thanks Tim) and it's for a good cause
  9. sheds/man caves

    we looked at lots of houses before buying the one we're in now. We wanted double carport, solar power, back verandah.. etc..etc. This house has none of those things but it has a big powered shed with built in shelving and a pit with it's own separate lights and power... so we bought it
  10. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Braided water lines for a CA with speed flow fittings. Brand new, never used. $90. They can be picked up from Morphett Vale or if that's too far I can post them for an extra $10 text me at 0413 528 472 if you're interested.
  11. Whenever this happens to me I get a kick out of the fact that someone thinks me car is cool! I've never actually thought that people might be thinking I'm too old for it (I'm over 30). My husband has a TRD JZX100 I'm constantly telling him to get himself an s13 or 180 etc as a track car because I know he loves it (not all of us are against having a project car in the shed ) I can't see a reason why either of us would sell our cars no matter how old we get. We met through our common interest in them and it's what we love! Keep it in the shed for weekends and track days. Then you have your responsible daily car and your fun car for the weekends
  12. This.. but the female equivalent
  13. Private Health Cover?

    Ignoring the tax thing, if you don't have private health cover you can still be treated privately, you just have to pay the whole lot yourself. So, if you don't see the need to pay $270/month "just in case" you can save up and pay for whatever it is you need done. I have had private health cover forever under my parents but I've had lots of injuries over the years so for me personally it's not an option to NOT have it. 12 knee ops in 13 years plus various other things... But then I know a girl who hurt her knee, wanted to use the same surgeon as me but didn't have private insurance so she paid out of her own pocket and had it done when it suited her. We're on a corporate plan with BUPA through work, it's $270 for both us each month and they pay the excess if either of us go to hospital.
  14. It was Bloody Brilliant! it was a great night! I miss you guys
  15. ^ I love the metallic dark purple. I also like the Quicksilver that Supra's come in