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  1. Hey Girls, my sister asked me to post here on her behalf. Monday 16 September 2013 This track day will be a women's only event designed to introduce and support women who love motorsport and want to get out on the race track. Our goal is to empower and encourage females to firstly have a go and then to mentor and develop their skills. Two programs will be on offer for the day. Program One For girls with road cars who want to learn what it's like to do laps on a race track. The day will include a drivers briefing and driving activities both on and off the track to help girls develop an understanding of their car and how to navigate a race track like a professional. Program Two For girls with race cars (or with racing experience) who want to improve their lap times or do general practice laps. Race car leasing may also be on offer. The morning will provide dedicated track time for girls to do practice and testing with the option of receiving tuition from experienced female race car drivers and instructors. More will be revealed over the coming weeks. - Who will be our talented and experienced driver coaches - A schedule of our motoring activities to be run on the day - Pricing Updated: "The Registration Form is up and ready!! Girls!! Register here for the Women's Track Day at Queensland Raceway. Bring your road car, track car or race car. Monday, 16 September 2013. Register quickly to confirm your spot. Lots of options available to suit your level of experience and best of all, there will be experienced female instructors to help you learn the secrets of going faster and racing harder. Whether this is your first track event or you’re a seasoned racer, come and meet like-minded women who love motoring as much as you do. The Introductory Program will suit those with road cars wanting to know what it’s like to drive on a race track. The Mentoring Program will suit those with track prepared road cars and race cars looking to improve their lap times, race craft, car set up or drifting skills. Then General Practice sessions will suit those who need some quality track time to practice and do testing laps." Facebook Page: https://www.facebook...1031444?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/SarahHarleyRacing Registration Form:https://www.dropbox....R-16SEP2013.pdf
  2. Pistol Pete's 6L S15 Hit & Run - new vids!

    holyshit balls fk me..
  3. Simcity closed beta invites

    I got my invite/key today but the beta ends in like 2 day? dafuq?
  4. played for about 3 hours so far.. first impressions, seems to be a bit better than DayZ Mod, bit more polished, is an actual game so it should be. Overall, for $15 I didnt expect much, its nothing like the big name games, far cheaper in construction all round..from what I can see, if DayZ standalone is meant to be way better than this, then I am super excited for it.
  5. Iv been reading through forums, checking out their changelogs and trying to get as much info as possible to see where the game currently sits. It seems like they are trying to fix a lot of things people were pissed with, eg the 100 player servers are now up, they fixed the weapon spawns and what not...the changelog suggests graphical changes to make it better...going through youtube vids uploaded today now for my final suss to see if i will get it. Have you played it? meh i bought it...$15 wont kill me, then i can give a mini review in comparrison to dayz.. at the very least it should tide me over untill dayz standalone is released.
  6. I'm tempted to get WarZ but all I see are bad reviews and people going ape about how bad it has ripped off DayZ, however the youtube vids don't look *that* bad...
  7. Standalone, y u no out yet? stopped playing the mod due to hacks n shite... some decent pics released for the standalone - http://dayzdev.tumblr.com/
  8. The Nostalgia Thread.

    mates step dad had this in his arcade, as in legit arcade kit, wheel, seat..no putting in $$$ just non stop hours of joy...ah memories.
  9. It started when we were younger, you were m/nine... (mah booo)
  10. Ghost-Mobile

    but you sold it?
  11. My red s15 photoshoot :D

    first photo is cool, I suggest looking into some lens correction to fix the warping. Its only a slight adjustment but something like this. 10 sec job, if you do it properly it would work better. I added some seriously basic adjustment layers but you get the idea.
  12. Photoshop S15 help?

    got any higher res versions? and more details about how you would like the image to look, perhaps a benchmark? ill give it a whirl after college tomorrow,
  13. Social Media Marketing

    Comic Sans in pink? kill it, kill it with fire. SEO for financial planners? huge market there.. As the others have said, this website will kill your business before it even begins.
  14. This was a little hard for me to vote on but I voted yes and this is why. Legal or illegal, if people want it, they can and will get it. It would be really good if they could come up with some sort of test for people wishing to use it, to see weather or not they are susceptable to mental illness so that they can be properly educated and understand the risks they will be taking if they chose to use it. I could argue that it seriously wrecks your brain, but when I think about it, what drug doesnt damage you if you abuse it? alcohol included. So in the end, I think its not so much a question about should it be legal, but a question about how to moderate its use. my 2c. You think people would substitute alcohol for marijuana? Yes, my old thoughts when I used it were, you either smoke, or drink, but not both, because that = a bad time.