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  1. Help me make a drift pig!

    Krazyfilo: good point, iv seen some rough rough jobs... Slysx: That was my original plan! but its also going to be a road car, from my previous importing experiance, I think importing an ex drift car has alot more of a chance to have been very very bodged just to sell it quick after an acco or engine failure. I just feel that little bit safer working on it over here.
  2. Help me make a drift pig!

    Yeh I think I will have to take it step by step... Im gonna have to be a busy bee and try to get the best price on everything! and then turn into a mechanic so i dont have to pay just as much on labour is i will parts!
  3. Help me make a drift pig!

    I wonder if I could sell the CA engine/gearbox/computer/loom for?? somone give me an approximation on what it would be worth.... then maybe just put an S15 half cut on the front????
  4. Help me make a drift pig!

    Redline, dun joke - big chance I will be going over to practice x 1000000
  5. Help me make a drift pig!

    Ah good point!, ill edit that in! Well I dont know heaps about computers, I would like a computer that is fully adjustable, e.g. fuel map, ignition/torque curves /rev limit all sorts of stuff...or is that too expencive for my application? - I also have to remember labour costs so im prolly screwed. Another thing I would like to do is put S15 pannels on the front end!! Apparently i can get the pannels and lights for $1100, anyone know what it would cost to have them put on? Koguchi38135.6824537037
  6. tien coilovers sux!!! ??

    I dont want to sound rude. but come on? ever heard of research? The tien's are doing exactly what they should be doing, like you said its stiff as sh*t and it handles heaps better....i know everyones gone on about th 19''s cus they do play a big part...but i think you should have asked a few people about what you wanted to do, and if you did, like other people said, go back and slap them. but damn! i thought everyone knew 19"s plus tien coilovers = bounce, grind, headache, carsick.

    All i can suggest is get it checked by a professional mechanic... "do it urself" techniqe does not really work if you dont know what your doing... other then that, i hope your engine explodes and takes you with it. na jk i love your car...dont hurt it.
  8. boost spking bad for my car?

    i smell danger
  9. pod filter vs air box?

    See, im torn, i HAD a HKS pannel filter, and it was ok, but i honestly belive my K&N gives me that tiny bit of extra torque and slightly better top end. I fitted a K&N plus Air partion to his sr20det, we noticed extra torque and better top end, not to mention the mean grumble sound. im not a mechanic so i cant say with a 100% certanty...but i go the POD with air partion.