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  1. C35 Laurel /// HIT AND RUN

    Nice chaser... Mother fuic'r...working november 3rd. WHY am i always working stadium drift rounds!
  2. C35 Laurel /// HIT AND RUN

    running on gramlites!
  3. its fun playing "chase the photographers"
  4. Sorting 3,000 odd photo's too. Best times. i think 500 of those are mine... whoops lol if you see a shot of critty running like a retard taken from the roof at 1/25's... please tell me it turned out Havnt found it.....yet
  5. nisskid's 32 4 door

    Stewy - The Dirt Farmer.
  6. C35 Laurel /// HIT AND RUN

    it skids. its loud. it make smoke. its awesome.
  7. Sorting 3,000 odd photo's too. Best times.
  8. Kumakubo, Fine, Dejager and then split between Michelmore/Jones (Gotta support local SA)
  9. C35 Laurel /// HIT AND RUN

  10. Mate messaged me about this last night. Apparently cops rocked up at this guy house for something else and then they found it. Arrests have been made now its getting finger print and DNA tested.
  11. Probably. Just got word car has been found by police and they pulled it out of a fence. Didnt see how bad it was did you?
  12. STOLEN!!! Green S14. LaCornu Carpark (Keswick)@ 3:50pm aprox. Plates : S159AAE Features: Series 1 front, Series 2 rear, lowered, grey r32 stockies. See it, follow it and ring Gavin on 0466690620 or Adrian (his brother) on 0401877319.
  13. Mt Alma Mile 2012

    Mt. Alma pics. http://luke-terbeeke...-Hillclimb-2012
  14. Mt Alma Mile 2012

    My photos will be up tonight or tomorrow.
  15. Mt Alma Mile 2012

    The run off from bitumen to dirt is 60 meters I believe. Last year you can hear all the guys with serious setups backing off before the finish line. The organisers have been trying to get it extended but apparently everytime they talk to the council the price chnages and goes up. There have been a roll overs there (not just the finish line either).