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  1. I'm a goldfish

    A sign of this is the fact I read 3 of the 7 lines of your post
  2. University

    I could only be where I am now with a degree, however I was drawn into this career path by the earning potential. Now I am starting to realise chasing a career purely for financial reward is not rewarding in itself.
  3. What to buy for $500

    I already have a decent set of sockets/screwdrivers etc. I ended up getting a Karcher pressure washer for home & car and a Makita 18V Lithium Ion Drill. Still lots of options to consider for next time
  4. Basically I have $515 of vouchers to spend at the local Mitre 10 and I am trying to think of what I should get. Was thinking of a makita cordless drill and some bits. I have a pretty minimal tool selection so thinking of the essentials. Ideas plz
  5. Long story short I need to get some dents pulled and a couple of panels sprayed to fix up some scratches. I have AAMI comprehensive insurance, my excess will be $550. My question is, has anyone had their car repaired through AAMI? What is the quality like? Do they do the minimal work to get the job done or do they spend time getting the colour matched? Or am I better of spending a few hundred extra and going to a place where they will remove the windows and ensure the colour is well blended.... Cheers
  6. Building the STI

    Looks the goods mate. How does this thing go on fuel?
  7. I did a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geology/Geophysics, my GPA wouldn't be 5 probably closer to 4. Was thinking of doing a post-grad diploma or certificate next year while working to try and pick up my GPA although I dont think it is added together. I figure I have enough time to study between now and next year.
  8. Ive been considering sitting the GAMSAT and trying for a spot at Flinders Uni, still a bit undecided what I want to be doing
  9. Dr Cranium, which uni are you doing med at? Post-grad or under-grad?
  10. Stock market, Who invests?

    Did anyone read the resource stock's magazine in The Australian this weekend?