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  1. This is a cheap set of tyres coz you spent all your money on bling wheels. Even wear and no damage. Selling coz they came with the car and are now taking up space in the garage. Located inner west I pulled one down and took a few pictures but theres nothing to see really. http://i.imgur.com/WmB7FTI.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pGTWi9Z.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bTw5STL.jpg all comms via PM Pickup only cash or paypal
  2. updates: going to pick up the car right now. Tonight I will check: cardboard over cooler windscreen wipers loom protectors FINGERS CROSSED
  3. Update for anyone interested. Turns out my first suspicion all those long weeks ago was correct and the noise was a wheel bearing gone. This is the noise that MRT told me I would have to replace a caster rod to fix as it had a worn rose joint. Well two things are now 100% clear. The rose joint on my caster rod is just FINE and replacing them has nothing to do with the wheel bearing which was the problem. Chuck that on the list with the sway bar bolt and other shenanigans for reasons not to shop at MRT I guess. Am I wrong, or is a shot wheel bearing common, easy to diagnose and easy to fix? Coz like the swaybar bolt it flew right under the MRT radar, and has since been fixed by someone else. Pete didnt bother calling me to check if I wanted my wheel bearing replaced, my sway bar link bolt fixed or my spark plugs changed. He just did it because he knows that's why I brought the car to him. Took a while, but its all sorted now and I'm stoked to be driving the s13 again. Now its time to figure out where my whistle is coming from and hook somebody up with their free beer! bam!
  4. IDA D-Day 17th June 2012 Wakefield Park Raceway

    got it first go! every time...
  5. updates: none. Car still at road and race No sunroof rear holes were welded up and repainted. In other fun news my boot no longer opens. I can see the mechanism move inside the boot (looking through from the cabin) when I pull the lever but nothing happens. Should be an easy fix if I can get in there but I'll have to suck it up as theres a strut brace in the way.
  6. Could very well be, but it is definitely a whistle, not a scraping or rubbing noise. Will check! Would be surprised if it continued after one time when I sprayed the calipers and then when I changed the discs (which it has)
  7. Would hardly keep happening with the engine and / or stereo off if this was the case, but thanks for playing!
  8. Car is still at Road and Race When I spoke to Pete on Friday night he had sorted the caster rods and the sway bar link, so I figure he only has to do an alignment, but he is squeezing me in between other jobs as a favor so I gotta be patient. I will post an update as soon as I try a few things, starting with cardboard over the cooler, plugging the cavity above the loom protectors with something (or maybe removing them completely since my car isnt actually that low) and checking if the wipers being on has any effect on the noise.
  9. Interesting how the installation of a front mount, 5 stud, brakes, engine swap, etc caused a whistling noise to be generated by my window seal? I guess anything could have happened during the build, i'll have a look if none of the other suggestions work out
  10. You guys (looking at dandrenat & donny) are generalizing an awful lot. Normally I wouldn't care but in this case you have put me in with "them" Where "they" are idiot scumbag customers. Well I am not an idiot, I am not a scumbag. I appreciate that many people ARE, but you guys are forgetting that many people AREN'T. I work in a service industry, I know what it's like. With some people its never good enough or cheap enough or quick enough. Not me. I could have complained, I could have been rude, I could have demanded discounts, special treatment, or whatever. I could have argued about the price... I don't do that shit because I know 90% of the time mistakes are honest mistakes, I make them myself every day. I don't do shit that I wouldn't want done to me, especially when someone is being nice to me, which is mostly all the time, because I am being nice to them, especially if they are going to be working on my car. Last thing I want is the guy working on my car to not feel good about me, the car or the work he is doing. I tell you, I know if I am doing a job for a *milkshake* of a customer, they get what they pay for and that is it. If they are nice to me I will happily go the extra mile. Its not rocket surgery. I can say that the guys I dealt with at MRT are some of the nicest and most obliging mechanics I have dealt with. They have got "making the customer feel looked after" down pat. When I walked out of there with my jelly beans and freshly washed car, I was happy as I could be. As I said I didn't really mind about the fuel filter. The problems cropping up later and not having been fixed is the annoying part. Having to wait 2 more weeks until I could drive my car got on my tits after I had already booked in, waited, paid up about 1100 bucks for various bits and pieces, drove home only to have this god awful screeching noise start happening again and get louder. ("to be honest its the customers that have driven bad bullshit bullshit bla blah" - I dont really know how you can think that makes sense dude) Essentially im saying don't blame shitty workmanship or poor service on difficult customers. They are two different things altogether, and maybe I've missed the point here, but I just dont see how you are getting them confused.
  11. "You shave the f**kn tips off and weld new ones on, and you logo is gone." going to do this soon thanks!
  12. Eazy test! Telling you this thing has been giving me the irits for like 5 years if I fix it as a result of this thread its fkn beers for everyone