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  1. Can i get a quote ship to postcode 3169 2x KH 245/40 R18 W04L KU36 ;EK KU36 Cheers
  2. Alloy welder (SE)

    thanks again to -Street(O)Forced-. Donny solved the problem and its time for some dyno tuning.
  3. Alloy welder (SE)

    Does anyone know a workshop or a place to weld and repair an alum throttle body? Prefer SE of melb. cheers
  4. Ultra Racing

    Ashley What do u hav for a Sw20 mr2? Cheers
  5. Just got my defi guage Super happy with service and shipping quick and precise. will shop again for sure. have fwd your details to the mr2/supra/soarer clubs owners.