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  1. motor made 380kw still on the jap tune which is PERFECT!!!! last calder outing the car was performing at its finest moment n my right foot got the better off me was coming down the straight into the turn 1 in 4th...n thought i'd try something silly...clutched at about 4k rpm came onto boost wildly n started initiating into entry angle, then suddenly lost boost i clutched it again, now most that drift know at that high speeds u have no time to look at the gauges n more looking at where ur going so u dont kill urself lol what i didnt notice was my oil psi gauge dropping i had dropped oil psi n grenaded the turbo FML!!! drove back to the pits with motor making 5psi of oil psi where i shut it down thankfully no knocking or bearing noise motor will be coming out soon n stripped down for inspection my mate reckons the oil pump let go as i was hanging on 3rd limiter nearly all day (my bad but i love it) fingers crossed to no serious damage **QUESTION** as i didnt build this motor am i safe to assume that a GTR pump can be used...as i can get a genuine N1 gtr pump pretty cheap from japan

    omg serious!! same tiny cute lil runt running around knee height lol...wonder if he remembers any of us lol
  3. After last weeks success im happy to bring u the 2nd night of funny business since a 2ish yr break same meet point as last week time 9.00pm see u all there fags

    Back to depending on the weather again for us ey tets lol
  5. location: for those who remember the normal spot Day: Wednesday Time: 9pm come one come all!
  6. yer hanging to get the manifold back from repairs to see it running
  7. poor mans rb25 conversion

    ok guys confirmed...the MARADYNE fans are the bomb! all matsuri one was playing up (due to my wiring skills lol) so the 'hot side was barely working...even with only one fan temps were only at 105-110 thats open throttle limiter bashing, when the hot side was working the temps would shoot down very fast...very happy with results if anyone wants em i can supply part number n where to get em from
  8. time to start the electrics off the car...n i gotta tell ya its a disaster haha as me n wires dont seem to get along too well got a few toys to wire into the interior HKS fan controller is a very nice little unit, it works with the factory temp sender to keep an eye on temps and also control the fans and what temp they come on at, can be programmed to come on at once or as main n secondary Apexi multi checker seen these years ago n thought i'd never find one cos their rare as f**k, lucky for me a mates s13 came from japan with one of these tuf as f**k units...pretty neat lil unit too, combined with factory ecu it can show a whole heap of info, A/F, speed, revs, INJ d/cycle, power, torque etc etc also gotta re-wire the engine bay's extra wiring somewhat neater including all gauge senders and extra relays and fuses, since moving the battery to boot the extra space in the bay has put my shonky wiring skills on display LOL Dr Drift aka sam was not amused
  9. yup same engine...now different tune, running smaller turbo n just found out in that video it was making 360kw so only 10kw's behind
  10. cbf writing up a whole story on the car guys so heres a picture story where it all began as a CA18DE here shown jus with coilovers n wheels removed bashed doors n chucked on doors from my old bent s13 n a bit of nismo/garden edge love went reverse panda at this stage it was CA18DE+T with a full trust TD05 kit...2 weeks later blew the headgasket so freshened up the motor chucked some JUN Cams in n was ready to go back in then the RB24 popped up for sale from my mate, whom brought it down in a 32 drag/wangan car from japan was making 370kw on pump98 with a TO4Z with massive boost leak n coil packs cutting down so the CA got ditched n then started the long n draining story of this silvia build pictured here with its first turbo setup...HOLSET HX35W of a diesel truck engine new fans n radiator just b4 calder drift attack ummm...dont ask new look for matsuri n more rear offset love my dash... n finally....
  11. dunno about footage as couldnt get a camera organised b4 matsuri dont know if anyone got footage either u like huh woods
  12. heres another teaser jus for u woods
  13. lol major bored the other night....hmmm where to start where to start... haha blingy u love the note
  14. DRIVELINE Nissan RB24DET Stroker GTR crank GTR rods Custom HKS pistons Solid head conversion 274/274 cams JUN Adjustable cam gears 850cc injectors nismo fuel reg HKS twin spark ignition system BOSCH 040 internal pick-up BOSCH 044 external feed 2L surge tank GATES racing timing belt n new pulleys standard coil packs modded factory plenum 3" mandrel exhaust turbo to tip custom intercooler piping and intake pipe (big G) all internal mods are unknown as motor was built in Japan by STILLWAY company Trust mid-mount twin scroll manifold Trust T67-25G 10cm Trust 48mm ext gate OS Geiken 3-plate clutch RB25 gearbox custom tail shaft standard R200 4.3 LSD -welded standard 6bolt s13 drive shafts Cooling 52mm alloy radiator 2x Maradyne 2350cfm each fans B&M supercooler oil cooler perma-cool relo kit Standard ECU re-map by DR DRIFT Power: 350kw@21psi on Powerplus 110 race fuel Electronic 5 gauge AUTOMETER custom dash -oil psi -oil temp -boost -water temp -3 5/8" rev tacho switches for ignition, start, fans etc etc Body widened front guards rear guards chopped 30mm widebody skins topstage rear flares ontop of widebody BA XR8 GT bonnet bulge 2UP headlight clear lenses MARS side indicators MARS 180sx front bar indicators URAS N+ aero front bar s13 aero skirts Wheels SSR Viennas 17x10 -19 (F) 215/40/17 17x10 -39 ® 235/45/17 (with 20mm 4->5 conv spacers) skids: 17x10 D1Rs Suspension HKS HyperD fronts 10kg springs TEIN HR rears 6kg Adjustable caster rods HEYMAN knuckles (troy) GKTECH lock spacers alloy cradle lockers Interior RECARO SR3 drivers whatevers available on the day passengers seat SABELT 3" ratchet harness drivers SABELT 2" passengers...meh back seats rear seatbelts LOL FULL TRIM *soon to be all removed when i can F$%$Ked* car is still in development stage as been building for last 3yrs and only seen 2 track days since