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  1. Ok - crashed my s14 into a tree and been sitting in my garage bout a month or two. Moving house so need this gone in the next few weeks. Engine is not damaged, one month old blitz fmic and full trust exhaust. Manual, interior is in excellent condition. 2k for car plus I'll throw in any other parts U want. Work cr Kai 17x7.5 8.5 rims bad tyres $500 16x8 +0 16x10 +25 4 stud steelies. - two tyres on front rims $300
  2. Damaged s14a sr20, work rims + mad steelies

    Near Hornsby 7.5 are +30 or +35 8.5 are +40
  3. Front Cuts

    Buy my car? It's very cheap
  4. Gday Guys Sadly my s14a 200sx is no more Saturday night driving to city on pac highway for a date (only me in the car tho), and crashed into a tree just outside chatswood (shell) on pac highway. Blocked off two lanes for a while. Also thanks to the blonde girl in a blue S15 who pulled over to offer help and a towy Was going to overtake two cars from the far RH Lane, and hit boost (was still under 60 tho) and lost it. Had shitty rotalla rears on but instantly sideways. Road was pretty greasy. Tree stopped me from ending up in the petrol station... Only had 3rd party and car is write off so everything's pretty much gone. So annoying as it spent so much time in the garage fixing things, getting rego done (from interstate) then i hardly drove it as i catch the train to work. Probably end up getting something new and comfortable for now. (new mazda 3?) Although that's what i said before I bought this so.... Obviously people want pics so here it is. If anyone wants parts or to take the whole thing please let me know. Mostly stock except for zorst (HKS), Blitz IC, profec b, I could probably turn the engine on if anyones interested. It has a 180sx block for some reason. More http://i.imgur.com/1SSyyrS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/jPGsmsn.jpg
  5. Crashed into tree - 200 no more

    Now that you say it I think there was! Its Combined Towing that the cops used. Thanks Johno and others for the offers, Im in Normanhurst, so nearby. First preference is for someone to buy it whole (Plus i can throw in extras), then if not strip it.
  6. Crashed into tree - 200 no more

    This is a good idea. Cheers. With a couple of guys, you can even half-ass the engine/gearbox removal by just lowering the subframe to the ground with a jack, then lift the nose over it and roll the car back. Pick up the engine and gearbox and carry it to the garage, which smashes the time it takes to strip it down to a day. True and that is a good idea. I've had a few people msg me for offers for the whole car, and if someone is interested in taking it all away i guess for simplicity sake that would be fine with me, but true ill prob get more cash stripping it. Its even got say 8 months rego or around that. Not really sure what its worth for the whole thing plus extra parts... You cant see from the picture but we got the truck up my driveway and dropped the car straight into the garage - it still rolls and ps works and prob engine would still work. Thanks Candii Banks! that's true if i didn't hit the tree i would have prob gone into the petrol station :/ Towing costs were 330 for sat night, then another 180 to get it home. Then I got a police fine in the mail yesterday - 420 for neg driving
  7. Crashed into tree - 200 no more

    Not sure if chassis is bent, but where its hit has crushed the firewall quite a bit and ive got my CR Kais in the garage which i was about to put new tyres on. oh well.. And yeah. The cops were good. But as soon as they get there they ask if i had been racing the S15
  8. Hey guys Im in Sydney, North Shore I have an S13 in very rough condition. has been defected. sr20de auto, rust on sunroof. some panels keyed and dented. still works tho. $$$ offers someone take the whole car for parts. Has triple projectors in good condition. 2.5" catback exhaust for S13. never fitted to car. has a cannon. $50 16x8 +0 & 16x10 -25 4 stud steel rims. Fronts have 195/50 achilles atr on them, used for a few months. Rears and new in box. $400. Work CR Kai 17" 5 Stud. 7.5 & 8.5 tyres are shit. ill update offset soon. $900 FREE - lots of 4 stud stocko 15" wheels, from silvias and r31s etc. worn tyres. Cheers
  9. Shell V-Power vs BP Ultimate

    Shell supposedly have 'improved' the v power http://www.shell.com.au/aboutshell/media-centre/news-and-media-releases/2013/launch-new-vpower-formula.html http://www.themotorreport.com.au/57586/shell-launches-new-v-power-formula dunno if that makes it better than BP98
  10. Good Wheel Alignment Shops

    just went to road and race rydalmere. not cheap but he knows a lot and has mad cars parked in the garage. will be going back when I install more arms etc.
  11. door lock help

    97 s14a ok so only the other night when i came home, i couldnt lock my car from the drivers side. or unlock it. but if i close the door and flip the switch to lock it from the inside, it still works. same for opening it. does this mean the lock mechanism is dodgy? i can use the key onthe passenger side, but not the drivers side. any help would be great this is a pain in the ass for a daily :/ cheers
  12. door lock help

    nissan want 170 for the remote and 135 to program it ill program it myself thanks.... EDIT: does anyone know if the remotes from ebay work? they are mainly from the US eg http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NISSAN-1993-1994-1995-1996-1997-200SX-Keyless-Entry-Remote-KMOCA78720T-/380425918960?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item589326d9f0&_uhb=1
  13. yeah something for stock cammed engines would be great
  14. door lock help

    k after some searching i see most if not all adm s14s came with factory remote central locking. i didnt get a remote with purchase, just one key lol. do i buy a new remote from nissan? ill call em tmr.
  15. door lock help

    lol i sprayed it with wd40 just as i posted this haha. also when the door is open i cant lock it from the inside, but when closed i can? cheers tho if graphite doesnt work ill try a locksmith. or just install keyless entry
  16. crazy tacho, s14a

    ive got the crazy tacho problem in my s2 s14. does anyone have a spare tacho they can sell me? or even just the rev counter part. so far ive only seen jap and s1 tachos on ebay, i need a s2 one. cheers. ill come get it asap. im in syd.
  17. new 200 :)

    gday all as last posted my 13 was defected. so i got tired of having a car i cant drive, so i bought another one :/ retard s14a with s15 engine and half vertex kit. needs front bar. bit of damage and scratches but was cheap. problem is its got vic rego so i need a blueslip lol. neway i need a few parts, thought someone might be able to help me out stocko rims, r33 s15 whatever. factory airbox i have the crazy tacho problem, so will need a new cluster. - only jdm ones on ebay. anyone have vertex front bar? not sure what else. any help greatly appreciated oh and im in north shore area PICS http://i39.tinypic.com/2q05xu0.jpg
  18. new 200 :)

    i have millions of 4 stud rims if anyone is interested. mainly stockos and some steelies. 16x8 and 16x10.
  19. WTF @ defect

    driving to work in the cross last night. gay police man takes me to defect station in Wollomollo. done for wheels (fair enough, 16x8 +0 lol) parker lights - they do work dunno whats going on there. licence plate not visible - WHAT IS THIS - stock location apparently not visible at 20m. bullshit. any one got this defect before. will i have to move my rear plate or when i get to inspection station will they be like "well its in the stock location its ok" ?????? any feedback would be great. thanks,
  20. WTF @ defect

    on your point, it was an rta defect station set up. they had what looked like rta guys there doing the inspection. in the navy base at wollomolloo. so wasnt the coppa.
  21. WTF @ defect

    anyone want to buy defected, keyed and dinged, rust (sunroof) silvia. rego runs out nov? lol imma buy a new car. i was going to in nov anyway. anyone got a tidy silvia or 180 for sale?
  22. WTF @ defect

    nah they have been cut. done by previous owner but plate sits flat. yes the pod filter is completely exposed. some ppl are saying all i need is to secure the pod, some saying secure and enclosure, some saying airbox. gave my airbox to some one else to clear their defect i was gunna get new car when rego expired in nov, now i cbf and just want a new one now!